To Vote or Not to Vote, That Is the Question

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The question of voting or not to vote…that seems to be in the mind of some people. But, we have significant decisions to make and it is our duty to make those decisions. We cannot ignore them.

Mat Staver: You know we have always been involved in voter education, encouraging people to register to vote, and to vote biblical values. We’ve always encouraged pastors to get involved and preach — I don’t want to say political issues, because I don’t consider them political, I consider them biblical issues. People sometimes shy away from what they consider political issues — abortion, marriage, the LGBT agenda, or whatever it might be. But, frankly, all of those are addressed in the Bible. So those are biblical issues and we encourage pastors to [talk about those issues].

However, there are a group of people, and we have received information that they are funded by George Soros. So that ought to say a lot right there. And they are coming out with some disinformation campaign encouraging Christians not to vote! …

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