Vote for Hillary? She Won’t Call Babies on the Verge of Birth a ‘Person’!

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You! Yes, you. The one who refuses to vote for Donald Trump even though you know Hillary Clinton is a far, far greater evil. Let’s talk.

So, you can’t vote for Donald Trump because he’s a bad person? Really? In the bad-person sweepstakes what exactly was it Trump did that made him a worse person than Hillary Clinton?

He didn’t abandon to their death four Americans he was responsible for and who cried out for help in Benghazi. And then lie about it. That was Hillary.

He isn’t calling for the murder of babies in the womb. That’s Hillary, who can’t even concede that a baby on the verge of birth is a “person.” That’s how she justifies killing the child for the mother’s convenience. But that’s not Trump.

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Trump also didn’t facilitate the sale of weapons to enemy terrorists in the Syrian war. That was Hillary too. Weapons that have added to the half million or so deaths in that region, including American deaths, thanks to Hillary and Barack Obama’s gross mishandling of everything from Libya to Mosul. No that wasn’t Trump. That evil is laid at her doorstep.

Can you really recall an election where the choices weren’t between a greater evil and a lesser evil? So, what exactly moved Trump from the greater/lesser evil categories to “completely unacceptable?” His haircut?

It probably wasn’t when he apologized for his gross locker room talk. Was it when he said he had embraced the Christian faith? No, probably not. By the way, has Hillary apologized for anything? Ever? And if she did, would you believe her?

It’s decidedly a fallen world. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to facilitate the fallen-ness. Sitting on the sidelines watching things be destroyed, lives murderously ended and horrors repeated day after day isn’t equivalent to taking the moral high ground. It’s just taking a spectator’s seat. Might as well be watching Christians fed to lions for all the help that kind of self-righteousness provides.

But at least you’d have the comfort of not soiling your voting record by casting a ballot for Donald Trump. That’s some impressive moral high ground there. Yeah, that was sarcasm.

For a moment, ignore all that, and consider just these two things:

1. If your house was burning down and the lives of your loved ones inside were at stake, would you review the background of the fireman who arrives to put out the fire to decide whether to let him do his life-saving work? It’s just a wild guess, but you’d probably let him save your loved ones, and then worry later about whether his personal holiness is up to your standard. Trump’s your fireman.

2. If Hillary is elected she will appoint judges and justices to extend abortion on demand to an unimaginable degree. For generations to come. Doctors and hospitals, including religious ones, will be forced to perform abortions or be financially penalized by the government, or even driven out of business. Your taxes will be used to pay for the infant murders. With no end in sight. Hillary’s your abortion advocate.

Those two scenarios should be fairly easy to analyze. While you’re pondering them, let me share what a priest I met recently explained about being a one-issue voter, and why it alone should be determinant.

“Yes, I’m a one-issue voter,” he told me, referring to his opposition to abortion. “If you can’t see that this is a human life, how can I trust you with any other decisions regarding people?”

Hillary Clinton doesn’t view even the most vulnerable among us as human. She’s said so. Believe her.

Not using your vote to try to stop her from assuming the most powerful office in the world helps her win. If that’s your vote, at least own the consequences. Count the dead babies. Still feeling that moral high ground?

You don’t have to admire Trump to desire to stop Hillary. There’s a meaningful difference between supporting and endorsing.

And, as I’ve written many times, he can be impeached. She cannot be. Those are just pragmatic political realities.

Almost all other free nations have parliamentary politics, which routinely see different factions come together to muster enough votes to create a government or to defeat or approve something. Once the goal is accomplished, the factions typically separate and return to their relatively separate missions.

Donald Trump is an opportunity for people who really don’t like him to join with people who have a higher opinion of him to defeat something both those kinds of people should recognize is a far greater evil. Or you could sit atop your moral high ground and watch the slaughter.

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Mark Landsbaum
Mark Landsbaum is a Christian husband, father, grandfather and journalist who has written for a living for 43 years, ever since discovering he had no particular talents. He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and in the archives of the Orange County Register where he wrote another column for 10 years. He can be reached at

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