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❖ Recently, Army Chaplain Scott Squires was vindicated, but not after having a sword of Damocles hanging over his head for nearly a year. Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt of Colorado writes, “When Lesbians tried to force an Army Chaplain to bless and counsel their ‘marriage’, the Chaplain took a stand and was just vindicated by an Army 2-star General.” Todd Starnes of Fox News describes it this way: “The Army has exonerated a decorated Fort Bragg chaplain and his assistant after they were accused of discrimination against a same-sex couple.” Klingenschmitt himself became known many years ago when he took a stand to allow military chaplains to be able to pray in the name of Jesus. Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the Chaplain Squires case. www.prayinjesusname.org

❖ CNN political commentator Steve Cortes (pronounced like Cortez) wrote an article in Townhall on how the boom in the economy is “great news” for Florida. Cortes notes, “The tremendous milestone of 4.1 percent national GDP growth shows that the United States is on the move again, and Florida is leading the pack. The state economy is booming, unemployment hovers around an all-time low, and millions of Floridians are now seeing more take home pay in their paychecks.” Cortes, who was a part of the Trump 2016 Hispanic Advisory Council, and is a part of the Trump 2020 Re-elect Advisory Committee, feels that the president should get the credit due him for this achievement, and that, while there is still much work cut out for us, we are on the right track. Steve Cortes joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the economy and the president. @cortessteve

❖ There are very few people alive who know more about Islam than NYT best-selling author, Robert Spencer, who has written approximately ten books on the subject. He’s the director of Jihadwatch. He speaks the truth about the subject, but because there are many more interested in the politically correct version of things, Spencer is often being censored by social media outlets. Robert Spencer wrote an article recently about a Virginia imam who claimed that the United States will one day be a “Muslim nation.” The Muslim leader also claimed that Islam is the solution for what ails our nation. Spencer notes, “There is a threat implicit in this because Muhammad taught that after the invitation to Islam comes the invitation to dhimmitude, and then warfare.” Dhimmitude—from which our word dime is derived according to Middle East scholar Walid Phares (a dime is one-tenth of our currency standard)—refers to the second class citizenship to which non-Muslims have often been subjected to once Islam takes over a region. Robert Spencer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this imam’s vision for America as a “Muslim nation” www.jihadwatch.org

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❖ Gospel for Asia is fighting against human trafficking, a modern form of human slavery. On their website they note: “…many people are being held against their will because of a crime committed against them—they are part of the global slave population estimated to be more than 40 million….Slavery may long have been officially outlawed, but difficult though it may be to believe, numerically there are more slaves today than at any time in history.” Gospel for Asia was founded and is led by K.P. Yohanan from India. Daniel Yohanan, Vice President of Gospel for Asia (and son of K.P.), joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the scourge of human trafficking. www.gfa.org

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Dr. Jerry Newcombe
Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., is an on-air host/senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries. He has written/co-written 28 books, e.g., The Unstoppable Jesus Christ, Doubting Thomas (w/ Mark Beliles, on Jefferson), and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (w/ D. James Kennedy) & the bestseller, George Washington's Sacred Fire (w/ Peter Lillback). djkm.org  jerrynewcombe.com

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