Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Hypocritical Comments on Private Businesses

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Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe believes he shouldn’t get involved in telling a private business how to run their company.

McAuliffe was responding to reporters at the Redskins training camp about the recent controversy over the Redskins name change. “It’s not up to a governor to tell a private business what to do with their business,” McAuliffe said. “I’m about growing our economy. I’m about diversifying our economy. They are creating economic activity. That’s what I focus on and I am not in the business of telling private businesses what to do.”

Quite a hypocritical statement from a man who ran his campaign for governor on the support of Obamacare that mandates what a private business must do regarding health care coverage.

Recently, Supreme Court decided in support of the Hobby Lobby ruling that the government could not force an employer to pay for contraception against the employer’s religious objections. In other words, government was limited from interfering with private businesses and their decisions.

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The Washington Redskins name change controversy has been a heated debate for over a year now. Many Democrats are in favor of the name change, including Hillary Clinton, who thinks the name is “insensitive.”

Responding to why some people feel the name is offensive, McAuliffe said, “Sure, people will do the decisions they’re going to do. I come at this as the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am the chief jobs creation officer. My job is to grow the economy and I have a team here that is growing the economy. All the players live in Virginia. Most of the season tickets I’m told are Virginians. Everyone comes at it from a different perspective. My perspective as governor is I love the economic activity.”

All of the uncertainty around Obamacare as well as the cost of compliance has been a significant drag on the economy.  Many companies have delayed hiring decisions because they do not know exactly how the law will impact them.  If Terry McAuliffe was really focused on the jobs and the economy, and believed that the government should not tell businesses what to do, then he would have opposed Obamacare and agreed with the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby.

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Julie Klose
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