Viral Video About ‘Transgender’ 6-Year-Old Not So Heartwarming, Says Psychiatrist

Barb Wire is reporting that Dr. Keith Ablow, a well-known Massachusetts psychiatrist, “is raising concerns over a new viral video featuring a California couple who allowed their pre-school-aged daughter to begin living as a boy.”

Dr. Ablow is also listed as a Fox New contributor, a post he might not hold long if he continues to offer common sense as he did in his interview with LifeSiteNews. LifeSiteNews reports:

The video was created by the girl’s parents, Jeff and Hillary Whittington, who posted it to YouTube after showing it to homosexual activists at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, where they accepted an “Inspiration Award” for their decision to help their daughter “transition” to her chosen sex at such an early age. It has since been viewed over 4 million times.

Ablow “told LifeSiteNews that the video paints a happy picture while consciously ignoring the risks of early transition – which often involves genital plastic surgery and large doses of hormones.”

Here’s more from Ablow:

I am not convinced that the best option for children who are uncomfortable with their gender is to rapidly transition them to the opposite gender. […]

I believe that on reflection, it will be shown that other paths may be the wiser paths. […]

The video, which seems so full of joy, doesn’t forecast the time spent with urological and plastic surgery, and the possibility that this girl will question her decision down the road. […]

Part of the problem with beginning a transition to an opposite gender in children is that it can confine them to their new image. We are taking children who, for any number of reasons, may have body image concerns, and rapidly rubberstamping those concerns, and writing them in cement.

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According to LifeSiteNews, “Ablow said children who undergo procedures to prevent them from developing normally are likely to be left with lingering dissatisfaction with their bodies — feeling neither fully male nor fully female.”

Clearly that doesn’t matter to those who have made gender confusion into a political issue.

Read the entire report at LifeSiteNews

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