Violence is the Left’s First Resort – Not Its Last

October 23 – Two men heave what’s described as “a boulder” through a window into the home office of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in Bakersfield, CA.

October 28 – Shots are fired at a Republican Party headquarters in Volusia County, Florida.

October 29 – Actor and activist James Cromwell promises “There will be blood in the streets” if Democrats don’t “take back our democracy” in this election. Democrats stopped believing in democracy around 1972.

June 14, 2017 – A crazed Sanders supporter – who wanted to spread the lead as well as the wealth — shot and almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise at a Congressional baseball practice.

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All business as usual for the left — which has been behind most of the political violence in the past 200 years: the French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, National Socialist Revolution and communist takeovers of China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba and Venezuela. Their hallmarks are firing squads, killing fields, planned famines, gulags and the guillotine.

Even their rhetoric and symbolism are violent. They’re always smashing something. Their favorite symbol is a clenched fist.

As the Democratic Party drifts ever farther leftward, its inner Stalin emerges. At times it likes to play at democracy, especially when the cards are stacked in its favor. But when Republicans pass tax cuts, defend the border and confirm constitutionalist judges, they become unhinged. Think Antifa, BLM, campus stormtroopers and feminist freaks during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Their frustration is predictable. After 8 years of Obama and rule by executive order, the skids were greased for Hillary. The mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, advocacy groups and Silicon Valley billionaires stuffing campaign coffers were all in place.

Then along came Donald Trump.

Since the 2016 election, the violence and intimidation have been non-stop. Madonna fantasizes about blowing up the White House. Comedian Kathy Griffins holds up what’s meant to represent the severed head of the president. Congress-creature Maxine Waters urges the mob to drive prominent Republicans from public places.

They’ve gotten away with it so often in the past. But not this time.

They’re not counting on the 2nd. Amendment, our history (the people who endured Valley Forge and landed at Normandy Beach aren’t about to be intimidated by threats from 78-year-old actors) and a hardcore of veterans and other dedicated patriots.

We’re not looking for it, but if you are — Bring it on.



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Don Feder
Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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