Video: Watch Shocked Students React to Hillary Clinton’s Previous Position on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

We all know how uninformed (and misinformed) the average American voter actually is these days. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t call them low-information voters for nothing. However, what about university caliber students? Would they fare any better?

Or more specifically, how do you think these same culturally savvy students would react upon discovering that one leading Democrat candidate for president in 2016 once supported natural marriage? Would they already know or be shocked to learn about this fact?

Well, we don’t have to wonder about the answers to these questions any longer.

MRC TV’s Dan Joseph recently traveled the campus of George Mason University in Washington, D.C. to read students an old quote from January 10, 2000 when Hillary Clinton was against sodomy-based marriage.

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Here’s the quote in question:

Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think marriage is as marriage has always been — between a man and a woman.

After reading the quote, Joseph then asked the students who they thought might have said it. Of course, none of them knew the correct answer. Many simply guessed a “Republican,” “conservative,” but a few suggested names such as Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, George Bush or Rick Perry.

All of them were flat wrong!

And each was extremely shocked and surprised when Joseph informed them of the actual source of the quote — Hillary Clinton. The looks on their faces are classic and make this video well worth viewing.

In the segment, Joseph did admit to the students that Clinton later “evolved” on the issue of marriage. But many of the skeptical students were quick to point out that Clinton probably switched sides in an unprincipled effort to pander for votes. Gasp! Nice to know that today’s college-aged youth aren’t completely clueless.

Hopefully, some will remember this in 2016 when Hillary and crew are trying to schmooze everyone into believing her election year campaign “promises.”

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