VIDEO: Flyleaf Singer’s Miraculous Journey from Atheism, Suicide to Faith in Christ

At the tender age of 10, Lacey Sturm learned of the tragic murder of her three-year-old cousin by his abusive stepfather. That was the beginning of her descent into atheism. She cried herself to sleep many nights and stopped believing in God. And Lacey sunk into an overwhelming depression that she couldn’t escape.

“I remember being so mad and really just deciding that if God was big and good why wouldn’t he protect my cousin? He was so tiny, and so awesome, such a funny, brilliant little guy.” She wondered, “Why wouldn’t God protect him from a huge, muscle guy like his stepdad who beat him to death?”

Lacey eventually began a spiritual quest, exploring various religions, but found no peace or healing. So, she decided to commit suicide one day.

On that particular day, Lacey came home from school and found that her grandmother was already there for an unexpected visit. Her grandmother, sensing something was wrong, insisted that she attend a service at her church. After an intense argument, Lacey reluctantly agreed to go.

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During the service, she was consumed with hatred for everyone in the church building. But then the pastor announced, “There’s a suicidal spirit in the room,” and the hair on the back of her neck stood up on end. Scared, Lacey started to leave, but a kind and caring white-headed man at the back door politely stopped her.

“The Lord wants me to speak to you,” the man said, “he wants you to know that even though you’ve never known an earthly father, that God will be a better Father to you than any earthly father could ever be. God knows the pain in your heart. He’s seen you cry yourself to sleep at night. Do you want me to pray for you so that Jesus can take the pain out of your heart?” He proceeded to gently place his hand on her shoulder and started to pray for her.

Overwhelmed, Lacey says it was like “the God of the Universe showed up,” and she was invited into an “embrace of grace.” God transformed her life that day, and her heart was filled with inexpressible joy. Since that experience, God has given Lacey many blessings and opportunities in life.

Lacey later became a singer-songwriter. She is the co-founder and former lead vocalist of the Christian rock group Flyleaf.

This video was produced as part of the Billy Graham Association’s project, an Easter emphasis designed to lead people into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We at hope that you too will invite Jesus into your heart this Easter season. It will be the best decision you ever make.

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