Video: Latest Crazed Attack on Pro-Family Supporter

Since the instances of homosexual and pro-“gay” hatred are increasing so rapidly these days, it’s getting really hard to keep up.

After reading about this current assault, be sure to see the links at the bottom of this article for ten more examples, proving this incontrovertible fact: The sodomy-based marriage bullies and their sycophantic supporters will not be satisfied with anything short of full capitulation. Or you will be crushed — with a slushie.

In this video, a woman is seen peacefully standing with a sign near a Michigan church on Mother’s Day. Then, an angry female pro-“gay” activist suddenly attacks by throwing a slushie drink in her face. Not exactly the nicest way to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!” described the confrontation:

On Sunday afternoon, Christine Weick stood at an intersection in the city of Grandville with a sign that read, “Thank your mom today for not being gay.” Her message was that Mother’s Day is a celebration of children and the natural family, something incompatible with homosexuality.

Jessica Prince, an area teenager, was caught on film scowling as she threw a red slushie in Weick’s face, then maintained a tense stand-off with her.

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“Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth,” Weick responded after being doused. “They don’t like it and they label me a hater, and it isn’t that at all. I love them enough to tell them they are on the wrong path.”

Television station WOOD-TV reported that the “slushie-thrower” also used “profanity and rude gestures” toward Weick.

Shortly thereafter, Weick called the police and warned Prince that she would defend herself with pepper spray if attacked again.

“Can you leave the slushie part out? I don’t want to go to jail?” Prince requested of the WOOD-TV camera crew.

When the police arrived on the scene, Weick expressed her desire to press charges against Prince for the viral video assault. also reported:

Some homosexual activists have praised Prince’s violent actions. Gay activist Will Kohler wrote that “Prince unleashed SLUSHY JUSTICE” against the “anti-gay hatemonger.”

“The secular Left clearly believes it has the upper hand in the cultural debate, and it has absolutely no intention of tolerating dissent,” conservative blogger Dan Calabrese wrote. “Not only that, but it views those who challenge its orthodoxy as basically sub-human, to the point where an action like this one is justified in their minds.”

“What is it about the left that makes them want to destroy or attack heretics if they can get away with it, and at the very least, rush out and stand there with an opposing sign?” he asked. “Are they that threatened that someone might say something and others might agree with it? Are they that insecure in their own beliefs?”

See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here for more shocking examples of homosexual hatred and fury directed at peaceful, loving, gentle, God-fearing Christians.

How many more instances of homofascist wrath do we need to see before everyone realizes that there is definitely a problem?

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