Video: Late Pastor & NFL Star Gives Moving Testimony From Beyond

The late pastor Ken Hutcherson was my friend. Everyone who knew him loved him. Ken, known by his friends as “Hutch,” was an  influential black pastor from the Seattle area who fought for true civil rights and against leftist posers who have shamelessly hijacked and exploited the genuine civil rights movement in order to push a radical “LGBT,” sexual anarchist agenda. Ken often noted: “It has been said loudly and proudly that gay marriage is a civil rights issue. If that’s the case, then gays would be the new African-Americans. I’m here to tell you now, and hopefully for the last time, that the gay community is not the new African-American community. “Don’t compare your sin to my skin!” he demanded.

Ken lost a long battle to cancer this past December and left behind a great legacy as a true and fearless follower of Christ who shined the light of truth in a culture of darkness. Though Ken was called every name in the book by the ever-“tolerant” left, he had nothing but love and compassion for people struggling with homosexual temptation and sin.

I was recently visiting the popular Christian site and stumbled upon a video testimony Ken gave shortly before his untimely death. In it, Ken showed flashes of both his David-like warrior spirit and his Christ-like love for all.

Ken truly was a man of God.

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One day, during a time of blatant racism and prejudice in America, a young black boy was hit with the reality of who he was and who he had become… literally. “My life changed that day,” says Ken Hutcherson former NFL Linebacker. He grew up believing that “White people cannot be trusted,” and this belief became an everyday boyhood battle that grew into war as a man.

Enduring segregation and discrimination, being told he was not good enough, having to sit at the back of the bus and being physically violated reinforced Ken’s point of view. It forced retaliation. It forced hatred. “I was driven by hatred. Driven.”

It was not until Hutcherson was hit with another reality that changed everything. He was told who he really was and who he had really become. He was told who “they” really were and that they were not white people alone. He saw that hate was not the way. That’s when he learned to love. And that is the power that changed him. “Love changed me.”

Here’s Hutch, with wisdom most moving and advice most sage. Watch and be blessed:

(5 min)

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