VIDEO: Krauthammer & Will: The Equal Pay Stats are ‘Total Rubbish,’ ‘Intellectual Incompetence’

Charles Krauthammer:

“Is there anybody who thinks that Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and the other important people in this administration are deliberately discriminating against women in the White House? Of course not. In fact, when Jay Carney was asked about this he gave the remarkable answer of ‘well, that’s better than the others are doing. As if he is saying ‘well this White House discriminates against women but we discriminate in moderation.’ The correct answer is that these are not the results of deliberate discrimination by any means.”

George Will:

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“[This is] the American way if your political party is heavily dependent on the contributions of trial lawyers. That’s what this is a gift to.”

Regarding Obama’s use of the 77 cent statistic, Will said President Obama is acting as an “intellectual incompetent the way he’s handling as propaganda social science.”

H/T: Hot Air

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