Video: Glenn Beck Covers Barbaric Pelletier Government Kidnapping Case

This past Tuesday, I appeared on Glenn Beck’s television program with Lou Pelletier, father of Justina Pelletier, the teenage girl being held captive by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family (DCF).

In this case, DCF might as well stand for “Destruction of Children and Family.”

As more of the details of this case come to light, I am more outraged. I have never seen anything like this before.

It is unfathomable that this barbaric overreach by a state agency is taking place in America – and in the city that launched the fight for American liberty, of all places.

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You must watch this interview.

Among the things you will learn…

  • The sheer agony the DCF has forced upon the Pelletier family.
  • The extreme measures being taken against the Pelletier family in their one-hour-per-week visitation rights with Justina – including armed security by the Massachusetts State Police.
  • You’ll hear about the physical problems Justina has endured for over a year at the DCF’s facility, which the staff “laughed” at.
  • You’ll be shocked, as I was, at the services the DCF has refused Justina, including her education (she’s only 15 years of age) and any clergy visitation.
  • You’ll be heartbroken by Justina’s deteriorating physical condition, which has been called “life threatening” by one physician.
  • How an imposed “gag order” being handled behind closed doors is a violation of the Pelletier’s First Amendment rights.
  • The facts of this case, as exposed in this video interview with Glenn Beck, myself, and Lou Pelletier will astound you.

The DCF is now doubling down on their oppression of the Pelletier family

Because of Mr. Pelletier’s media appearances over the past few days, the DCF has filed “Contempt of Court” charges against him.

Along with watching the video, you’ll be given an opportunity to sign the End the Pelletier Nightmare petition, which will be delivered to Massachusetts and Connecticut senators and representatives in the United States Congress, among other key contacts.

Click here to let us know that you are with us in the defense of the Pelletier family from this unconscionable abuse by the Massachusetts DCF.

God bless you for standing with the Pelletier family.

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