Liberty Counsel – Day of Purity has released I Choose, a short video that examines the culture that bombards youth with what relationships should look like and asks, “What would happen if we shut off all the noise and decided to make the choice for ourselves?”

Using Facebook and Twitter, Day of Purity encourages and supports self-respect and committed relationships. “What if I choose to stay committed to my future wife before we even meet,” I Choose, the video, asks. “What if we decide to strengthen our future by the decisions we make today?”

Celebrating its eleventh year, Day of Purity promotes abstinence by encouraging young people to look past casual sex to lifetime intimacy.

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Day of Purity is a project of Liberty Counsel. “I am stunned by the cultural pressures put on young people today to trade lifelong relationships for one-night stands,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Sadly, many young people feel isolated in their decision to wait for marriage. Day of Purity is standing in this gap and encouraging their choice to stand up against cultural expectations and to strive for something superior.” #IChoose #IWantMore

Head over to our Day of Purity Facebook page to let us know what you think.

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