(VIDEO) Busted: Another Democrat Lefty Caught Lying — Watch Him Squirm

Democrat Mike Dickinson is still holding onto his pipe dream of unseating Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. However, there’s absolutely no chance of that ever happening — at least as Democrat.

His delusional campaign has been primarily focused upon “ending partisan bickering” by waging a “war” on “trash” like the NRA, FOX News and the Tea Party. In his adversarial tweets, Dickinson has ridiculously compared the Tea Party to al-Qaeda, spewed hatred at “Bible thumpers,” and called for the FCC to monitor FOX News. Apparently, Dickinson thinks the best way to end the divisiveness and promote unity in Washington is to sling more mud. Somebody needs to tell this guy that they’ve been trying that approach for years. And it hasn’t worked out too well.


Dickinson was recently a guest on FOX News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. The interview became quite uncomfortable when Van Susteren busted him for his lies, smears, and less than forthright information about himself. In the above video, things get almost comical at about 2-1/2 minutes into the clip.

After complaining about the Tea Party’s “misrepresentations,” Van Susteren really put the Democrat’s feet to the fire. She questioned Dickinson about his claim to have been the CEO of a strip club group. That was a lie! Unless by CEO, you mean “consultant.” And the shifty Dickinson was forced to sheepishly admit as much when confronted with the facts.

He also proudly boasts that he learned much of what he knows from Larry Flynt, the sleazy founder and publisher of the pornographic Hustler magazine. It’s all starting to make sense now!


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On Thursday morning, the Virginia Democratic Committee announced that this year’s nominating convention had been cancelled when the filing deadline – April 10, 5 p.m. – came and went without anyone registering to run against incumbent Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

But you wouldn’t have known that by listening to Dickinson on Van Susteren’s show. At the time of his On the Record appearance, Dickinson had already missed the deadline, but the “tell-it-like-it-is” Democrat failed to ever mentioned this fact during his interview. Dickinson continued to deceptively pass himself off as the Democrat running for Virginia’s 7th congressional district. They call that “progressive” these days.

Might such a conspicuously absent detail be of interest to the viewers? Then again, you don’t get invited onto “evil” FOX News as an almost-ran candidate.


In spite of all this, Dickinson continues to falsely represent himself on Twitter as a congressional candidate. As of last check, he is still issuing tweets from his account without making any reference to his non-candidacy status. In fact, Dickinson defiantly maintains the unhinged claim that he will somehow still appear on the ballot.


He’s probably banking on a long shelf life for his lies — after all, many people still believe, repeat and defend President Obama’s whoppers.

But, hey, Dickinson’s too busy not running for Congress to have time to be concerned about the truth.

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