(Video) Bro-Choice: Supporting Abortion For Casual Sex

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(WARNING:  While there is no profanity, the VIDEO below does utilize somewhat crude language to refer to sexual intimacy.)

Just when you ask yourself, “What will they think of next?” the sad and shocking answer arrives:  The Bro-Choice campaign.  Admittedly, I am a little late to the scene, but this group was organized and began their “crass-roots” effort in April of 2013.  The group was launched by Choice USA (the Gloria Steinem bunch).  According to their website, Bro-Choice members actively encourage “young men to sign the Bro-Choice Pledge, making a personal commitment to challenge traditional gender norms and actively speak out in favor of reproductive justice.”  However, as we all know by now, that’s just more liberal code lingo for immorality and infanticide.

Campus Reform, a conservative college campus group, identifies itself as a “watchdog to the nation’s higher education system.”  Campus Reform’s editor-in-chief Caleb Dunham dressed as a “bro” and interviewed students at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The appalling agenda of Bro-Choice was exposed in all its gory details:  The upholding legalized baby butchery, even late term abortion, so that sex-crazed males can have as much casual sex as possible without any responsibility.  Promoting the exploitation of women as nothing more than sex toys, the Bro-Choice gang has definitely proven that when it comes to any sense of morality and decency they are:  Bro-ken.

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