Video: Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested For Conspiring To Sell Assault Weapons, Missile Launchers To Muslims

Democratic California state Senator Leland Yee will become the poster boy for the most hypocritical leftist gun control advocacy after being arrested Wednesday night for allegedly trafficking in… you guessed it! Guns!

Not just any guns, mind you – he is being accused of looking into supplying assault weapons and shoulder-launched missiles to rebel Muslims.

On Page 84 of a federal criminal complaint, the undercover agent “UCE 4599″ describes a conversation with Senator Leland Yee and political consultant Keith Jackson and about sales of guns, assault weapons, and even shoulder-launched missiles to support Muslim rebels fighting the government in the Philippines.

Leland Yee had worked on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s campaign, and got her endorsement for his own campaign. While the video above from the LA Times neglects to admit it, Yee was an outspoken advocate of gun control.

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(Editor’s Note: Leland Yee was running for Secretary of State for the state of California. He has since withdrawn from the race following his arrest.)

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