Victim of Facebook’s War Against Conservatives: My Account Has Been Permanently Terminated by Facebook

Without legal assistance, I am permanently banned from Facebook

Update: Seven hours after I published this article in my personal blog, Facebook unlocked my account, AFTER I sent my documents to it. This is the second time that Facebook wants my documents. Years ago, Facebook also disabled my account and only unlocked it after I sent documents proving that I am Julio Severo, the official author of the statements that I publish against the homosexual agenda and Islam. How Facebook will use these documents, I do not know, but I will follow the words of Jesus: “Blessed are you when they persecute you…”

After months of harassment, censorship and persecution, Facebook has disabled, terminated my account ( This seems to be part of its effort to stop conservative voices in this election. See: Facebook is building a “fake news war room” inside its headquarters to fight against conservative information during the upcoming US and Brazilian elections.

I am a victim of Facebook’s war against conservatives.

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Facebook had been relentlessly harassing me for my conservative stances. For the last 14 months, Facebook punished me with its infamous 30-day blocks at least 5 times. You can find more information in this report about the previous block: Facebook Censors Comment about Lesbians But It Does Not Censor Homosexual Comments against Jesus Christ.

Perhaps one of the most shameful acts of Facebook against me was to censor Leviticus 18:22, a famous Bible verse that I had posted on my profile, but Facebook did not like it and removed it. See my article: Help! Facebook Is Censoring Bible Verses

In this sacred verse God says: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.”

This censorship against a Bible verse immediately became headline on WND (WorldNetDaily), in a report titled “Famous Bible verse too sizzling for Facebook.”

Because of this scandal, Facebook contacted WND with this message:

“As soon as we were notified of the problem, we began to investigate and restored the content as soon as we were able to identify the mistake. The content has been restored since it didn’t violate our standards. We’ve informed Mr. Severo of the restoration and apologized for the error.” (See the WND report “Facebook finally responds on censoring hot Bible verse”)

Yet, the Bible post was not restored and I have never received any apology from Facebook.

Apparently, Facebook had the idea of solving all its problems and troubles with me over its own dishonesty by banning me.

On September 27, 2018, Facebook sent to me the following short message: “Your Account Has Been Disabled.”

But this is not a new block, a partial punishment. Now it is total and permanent punishment. Facebook has now terminated my personal profile. With Facebook’s termination of my account, Facebook information involving my name virtually disappeared even from Google search, with only a few results. Before, there were thousands of such results.

The only time Facebook ever backtracked on its harassment and bullying against me was when a conservative legal group in California sent a letter to Facebook. See: Facebook Acknowledges Its Own Censorship on Julio Severo. What Happens Now?

To pursue further action against Facebook, this group needed my financial involvement, which I have not.

Because of financial limitations, I cannot hire a legal group to help to defend my cause.

Without a legal group to help defend me from Facebook’s termination of my account after months of harassment, censorship and persecution, I will be kept in the internet’s Gulag: outside of my network of friends I built in my Facebook account. Without legal assistance, I am permanently banned from Facebook.

I entered Facebook in 2009 because this was supposedly a free environment. Above all, because it is American and America traditionally personifies free speech, especially conservative speech. Because this is an American company, not a Cuban or Saudi or North Korean company, I believed that Facebook would be capable of defending free speech for me and others. Not only Facebook has betrayed on the American tradition of defending free speech, but it has been the executor of harassment, censorship and persecution against my conservative and evangelical speech, giving an impression to the world that the current corporate America represents just this: harassment, censorship and persecution of conservative ideas.

I am a conservative evangelical Brazilian. I have a conservative evangelical book ( published by a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.

I am also a columnist in BarbWire, a conservative U.S. website.

The original America was never against conservative and Christian speech. The original America, which was 98 percent Protestant, was never against evangelical conservative speech.

Are left-wingers free to defend their ideas in America? Certainly so, and they have been doing just it.

Facebook is left-wing and they are fully entitled to be left-wing. But they should be at least honest and say: “Hey, we are a left-wing platform advocating free speech only for left-wingers.”

I would understand their stance and I would respect it. No proper label causes confusion. Instead of using a left-wing label, Facebook portrays itself as unbiased. This is not true. Facebook welcomes left-wingers and their ideas, but not conservatives and their ideas. I speak on the condition of a conservative who has been a victim of Facebook’s biased treatment.

President Donald Trump has voiced concern about Facebook’s biased treatment of conservatives. As a Facebook user, I was a victim of such treatment for a long time. Now Facebook sent my account to its Gulag.

I ask Mr. President Trump to fight against the misrepresentation of America Facebook is doing. Facebook’s censorship of conservative speech is worthy of Cuba, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, not of the America George Washington created and envisioned.

I wait Trump’s actions against Facebook’s biased treatment. Meanwhile, I ask some conservative legal group to help me.

Meanwhile, I am contacting Facebook to revoke its decision to disable my account.

Also, if God has financially blessed you, remember to bless us as we fight for life, family and conservative values. Send a contribution to me and my family, in this link:

Your contribution does not help a fat and useless group, but a family in need of your help and prayers.

Portuguese version of this article: Vítima da guerra do Facebook contra os conservadores: Minha conta foi permanentemente encerrada pelo Facebook

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