Venezuela Provides Great Lesson for Socialism for Dummies

Ten years ago, the very term socialism turned most voters away.

It was still considered to be an anti-American, destructive and dangerous political system.

Thanks to the socialistic public education system here in America, socialism is now just as acceptable as homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

That was first made evident by the amount of support socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders garnered when he ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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Then last year, a young brainwashed socialist managed to oust a long-time incumbent and win a seat in the House.

They continue to try to convince Americans that socialism is the panacea cure-all for all of society’s problems.

However, the current events taking place in Venezuela provides a basic Socialism for Dummies lesson that every American should learn from.

Fox News – Venezuela’s Maduro mocks Trump, opposition leader Guaido; vows to never surrender – Embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro vowed to defend his nation’s independence with his life during a speech before thousands of cheering supporters Saturday, calling the opposition against him a “small group of dummies” who “can’t think for themselves.”

A defiant Maduro accused the United States of trying to colonize Venezuela and seeking ways to confiscate its oil. He said those opposed to him are letting President Trump call the shots, but the Venezuelan people don’t know it.

“It’s time for our people to tell Donald Trump, ‘Donald Trump, Yankee, go home, Donald Trump,” Maduro said to throngs of supporters in Caracas wearing red shirts, the color of Venezuela’s socialist party…

For the past month, Maduro has been using government troops to stop US humanitarian aid from reaching his people.

Maduro supporters and the military have begun burning loads of food and supplies as the Venezuelan people watch and starve.

Nearly every day there are reports of Venezuelan military personnel defecting across the border into Colombia.

Venezuela is a classic example of socialism at work and what America can expect if the socialist Democrats gain control of the government.



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