Venezuela Facing Power Blackouts, Looting and More

Socialism is such a wonderful way of life that the Venezuelan people are living in an ideal socialist utopia.

At least that is the lie that America’s socialist Democrats are trying to sell to the American people.

They paint life under socialist rule as a happy, peaceful and blissful life or prosperity.

However, that is not what life is like under socialism

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Life in Venezuela has become a nightmare for millions of citizens.

Jobs are scarce; money is scarce; inflation is out of control; people are starving; national healthcare has collapsed.

In the latest report, there are widespread power blackouts, allowing looting to skyrocket under the cloak of darkness.

BBC News – Venezuela power cut: Lootings as desperation grows – Venezuela’s government has ordered schools and businesses to remain closed on Monday as a power cut drags into a fifth day. The opposition says at least 17 people have reportedly died as a result of the blackout. Residents in the capital, Caracas, told the BBC’s Will Grant of their growing despair.

Each hour that passes without power in Venezuela brings more havoc and stress to a country already on edge.

Pro-government motorcycle gangs, known here as “colectivos”, roam the dark streets enforcing order at gunpoint while there were sporadic episodes of looting amid the desperation.

By its very nature, a clear picture of the blackout has been difficult to obtain over the past four days.

Many parts of the country are still cut off and it is hard to get a full account of their situation. Even when the electricity returns, it is often patchy and only lasts for a few hours before dropping out once again…

This is what Democrats are promising Americans.

If Democrats gain control of the White House and both house of Congress in the 2020 election, it will only be a matter of a couple of years or even months before our nation will begin to experience the Venezuelan-like lifestyle of no jobs, runaway inflation, taxation to the hilt, civil and social unrest, violence and rebellion.

America’s freedom is on the line in 2020 and if lost, we will be another Venezuela.


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