As Usual the Left Is Wrong and Missing the Boat Entirely

the Left

Last week’s Parkland, Florida school shooting and the subsequent anti-gun hysteria have gotten most people talking and many others screaming. Whenever tragedy strikes in America, the Left seeks to portray one of its political adversaries as the villain.

Predictably, the N.R.A. is being thrust forward to fill the starring role.

The simple-minded script reads something like this:

  • People with guns kill kids. (True)
  • Guns are bad. (Untrue)
  • The N.R.A. defends people having guns. (True)
  • The N.R.A. is bad. (Untrue)
  • The N.R.A. must be destroyed. (False)

The N.R.A. is under assault by liberals because it is a convenient culprit to bash under the pretense of defending victims. The National Rifle Association zealously defends the Constitutional right of individuals to keep and bear arms. Focusing on the arms rather than the heart cloaks the absurdity of the false narrative.

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The striking dichotomy between the Left’s promotion of abortion rights and simultaneous opposition to gun rights is difficult to ignore and impossible to defend. But there is reason for hope.

With the issues of gun violence and human behavior capturing the public’s attention once again, new voices are being raised; thoughtful voices, reasonable voices and logical voices. This provides an opportunity for effective and substantive change in American culture.

Again and again, we have heard the godless preach that “morality cannot be legislated.” And yet, isn’t the legislation of morality the stated goal of the anti-gun left? Gun control can only survive if people can be convinced that legislation will affect behavior.

If morality cannot be legislated, can immorality? Has not immorality been imposed by order of the U.S. Supreme Court? Haven’t we seen immorality mandated by presidential executive order with the exaltation of so-called transgenders?

While it’s true that the hearts of men and women cannot be changed by law alone, the actions of people can be restrained by respect for law and fear of its penalty. But then, the immediate goal of the Left’s droning charge was simply to discourage the engagement of those who are righteous. Sadly, it has been effective.

Now is the time to concede the limitations of governments to solve personal and cultural ills. One horrible blunder of American culture is that we allowed legal rights to become disassociated from moral rights. Once that occurred, laws were perceived as arbitrary and capricious. As a result, even our government officials have lost respect for the laws they are sworn to uphold and some even violate the law themselves.

The separation of legal from moral rights has reaped a great harvest of costly and deadly crops in our land. The two must be rejoined, because both are stronger together than apart.

We each recognize that solutions are never found by searching for them where they do not exist. There will never be a political cure for a spiritual disease. Public law can restrain the actions of men to a degree, but only God can change the motivations of the heart.

Every one of the lethal social plagues in America today came about through small compromises enacted over many decades. Those who do not respect the Law of God will never submit to the laws of man.

Perhaps now is the time to confess our past national failures. Perhaps now is the time to tear down the abominable and unconstitutional wall of separation between Church and state which divides legal from moral rights. Perhaps now is the time to choose life over death.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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