US Troops Resume Joint Military Exercises with South Koreans

When President Donald Trump held is historic meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un earlier this year, one of Kim’s demands was that the United States stop all military exercises with South Korea.

Kim also insisted that the United States withdraw all military presence from South Korea, a move that many believed would only result in Kim’s military takeover of South Korea.

To the shock of many, it was reported that Trump agreed with these demands, but they were contingent upon North Korea’s total denuclearization.

Kim has failed to keep his end of the agreement, so it has been announced that US military forces will resume conducting military exercises with South Korean marines

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American Military News – Hundreds of U.S. and South Korean Marines resumed joint exercises in a southeastern port city Monday, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo prepared for another round of nuclear talks with the North.

The drills, which are usually held several times a year and are known as the Korean Marine Exchange Program, had been indefinitely suspended along with larger-scale war games after the unprecedented summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in June.

But South Korea’s Defense Ministry said about 500 Marines began a two-week exercise Monday in the city of Pohang.

It didn’t provide more details, but an official with the South Korean Marine Corps said the combined training would include Korean amphibious-assault vehicles and live maneuvers.

Joint exercises between the longtime allies routinely infuriate the North, which considers them a rehearsal for an invasion, but critics expressed concern that Trump’s decision to suspend joint training could harm readiness…

Kim wasted very little time after his meeting with Trump to make it known that he had no intention of destroying his nuclear arsenal.

Kim’s reneging on the agreement has led to increased hostility with the United States.

Kim recently announced that he intends to resume his nuclear program if the United States does not remove the sanctions that are still in place on his country.

Trump kept the sanctions in place until he had proof that Kim kept his part of the agreement and since he hasn’t, the sanctions are still there and Trump is about to remove them or give in to the little tyrant.



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