US – North Korea Back to Square 1

A year and half ago, many feared that North Korea was on the verge of taking hostile and military action against the United States.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was flexing his immature muscles after developing nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of delivering them to mainland US.

When Kim realized that Trump was not about to stand down, Kim seemed to make a gesture of peace.

Many of us skeptics didn’t believe that Kim was sincere in his claim to be open to total denuclearization.

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When Kim began to go back on his word, Trump imposed stronger sanctions against North Korea.

In his latest statement, Kim says that he will keep his nuclear programs as long as Trump keeps his sanctions.

New York Times – Kim and Trump Back at Square 1: If U.S. Keeps Sanctions, North Will Keep Nuclear Program – Nearly two years into his presidency and more than six months after his historic summit meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea, President Trump finds himself essentially back where he was at the beginning in achieving the ambitious goal of getting Mr. Kim to relinquish his nuclear arsenal.

That was the essential message of Mr. Kim’s annual New Year’s televised speech, where he reiterated that international sanctions must be lifted before North Korea will give up a single weapon, dismantle a single missile site or stop producing nuclear material.

The list of recent North Korean demands was a clear indicator of how the summit meeting in Singapore last June altered the optics of the relationship more than the reality. Those demands were very familiar from past confrontations: that all joint military training between the United States and South Korea be stopped, that American nuclear and military capability within easy reach of the North be withdrawn, and that a peace treaty ending the Korean War be completed…

Frankly, if I were Trump, I would take all of the US troops currently in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and other Middle East locations and move them to South Korea and Japan.

I would also send a full Navy war fleet to take position just out of North Korean waters.

Then I would give Kim an ultimatum to disarm or face a complete blockade to cutoff all imports to the nation.

North Korea cannot last long on their own.

But then, if US is no longer going to be the world’s police, do we just let North Korea be and abandon South Korea? I say no.



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