US Makes Deal with Terrorist Group in Afghanistan

I once did an internet search for Islamic terrorist organizations and was surprised at how many there were.

Some operated in areas all by themselves and others, like ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban operated in the same area.

Sometimes they worked together with each other and other times they fought against each other.

In Afghanistan, all three, al Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban operated and fought against American troops.

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In an effort to help with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, it is being reported that US officials have reached an agreement with the Taliban, who promised to keep al Qaeda and ISIS from operating in Afghanistan.

Washington Examiner – Taliban reaches agreement with US to block al Qaeda, Islamic State from Afghanistan: Report – The Taliban is on board with blocking al Qaeda and the Islamic State from entering Afghanistan to plot terrorist attacks, according to a new report.

Such an agreement has been a requirement that the U.S. has pushed for since last July, and it comes as the U.S. and the Taliban are participating in discussions in Doha, Qatar, about how to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.

But still on the negotiating table is one of the Taliban’s main priorities: removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. A source familiar with the deal told the Wall Street Journal conversations are continuing concerning the status of the approximately 14,000 U.S. troops in the region, as are discussions for future plans of U.S. bases in Afghanistan that the Taliban wants closed.

The troops in Afghanistan are largely responsible for advising and training Afghan security forces as part of the Resolute Support Mission, which was first launched in 2015 after the NATO combat mission formally ended in 2014…

The question many are already asking is how much can the US trust the Taliban?

Don’t forget that Barack Obama traded 5 top Taliban leaders being held at Gitmo for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

One of the conditions of the trade was that the Taliban leaders no longer be active with Taliban terrorism and violence.

Yet, it wasn’t long after the Taliban leaders returned home that they were reported to be working for the Taliban in offices in Qatar, proving they cannot be trusted.

Additionally, the Taliban just attacked Afghan forces a couple of days ago, so did the US just make a deal with the Devil?



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