US Hastily Trying to Catch Up with Russia After 8 Years of Obama Disaster

A friend of mine with military connections has told me on more than one occasion that Obama gutted America’s military in the same way a fisherman guts a fish.

The fish may be alive at first, but as soon as it is cut open and internal organs removed, the fish dies.

This is how he described what Obama did to the military, as he spent 8 years cutting out the guts of the military.

Obama reduced the number of warships, planes, troops and nuclear weapons.

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Under President Trump, America is now in a race to play catch-up with Russia, who at the moment is militarily superior to the US.

OneNewsNow – U.S. playing catch-up with Russia on defense after Obama – A national defense analyst and Pentagon advisor contends that eight years of former President Barack Obama’s two terms clearly put America behind both the Russians and Chinese in development of hypersonic missile technology.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the impending deployment of a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile system that he claims will render United States missile defense systems obsolete.

The new “Avantgard” missiles fly at 20 times the speed of sound – about a mile per second – and can strike targets thousands of miles away.

Bob Maginnis, who serves as Senior Fellow for National Security with the Family Research Council (FRC) and is the author of Alliance of Evil, explained more about the addition to Russia’s arsenal…

Another friend of mine with connections to the military told me that if Russia attacks, he’s certain the US will lose and that Russia will defeat us.

He also said that Barack Obama is solely to blame and that he should be arrested, charged with high treason, and be summarily executed according to the law, and I fully agree!

The problem is, no one seems to have the courage to touch Obama for any of the many crimes he has committed against the American people, Congress, courts and military.



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