US Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Defeat claims Iran’s Ayatollah

After 8 years of Obama bowing at the feet of all of America’s enemies and giving into so many of their demands, America finally has a president that has the wherewithal to stand up for America for a change.

Instead of telling Vladimir Putin to wait until his next term where he is free to do whatever wants, like Obama did, Trump has placed some of the strictest sanctions ever against Russia.

Instead of bowing at the feet of Muslim leaders, like Obama, Trump has reinstated the harsh sanctions against Iran.

Now, Iran’s supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has admitted that Trump’s sanctions are working and hurting his nation while at the same time saying those sanctions will lead to America’s defeat.

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The Hill – Iran’s supreme leader: US faces ‘unprecedented’ defeat – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned Wednesday that the U.S. faces “unprecedented” defeat because of sanctions it has placed on Iran under President Trump.

“The sanctions do put pressure on the country and the people,” Khamenei said during a speech in Tehran, according to Reuters.

“The Americans happily say that these sanctions are unprecedented in history,” he added. “Yes, they’re unprecedented. And the defeat that the Americans will face will be unprecedented, God willing.”

Trump last year pulled the U.S. out of a nuclear agreement with Iran that lifted sanctions on the country in exchange for limits on its nuclear program…

Thanks to Obama and his eight years of dismantling the US military while turning a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear program, Khamenei may be right.

Obama successfully weakened the US military to the point that a number of military experts say that if the US entered a war with either Russia or China that the US would most likely lose.

Iran knows that if they engage in a war with the US that Russia will most likely side them, giving them the edge.

The only hope America has is for a national revival or reformation, starting with the leaders in the federal government getting on their knees, repenting of their sins and returning to America to one nation under God.



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