Pro-Sin US Combats Worldwide Anti-Homosexual Sin Movement

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The Associated Press reported on February 26 that the United States, “troubled” by an anti-homosexuality movement in Uganda and across much of the world, is launching a new effort to combat what Secretary of State John Kerry described as a “threat to human rights.”

Bandeira gay e americana 2Comparing a Ugandan anti-homosexuality law to oppressive government crackdowns on German Jews in the 1930s, Kerry said that according to the AP report, he was going to direct American ambassadors to look at “how we deal with this human rights challenge on a global basis.” He said 80 nations worldwide have anti-homosexuality laws on some levels, and he called the one in Uganda — which does not apply capital punishment — “atrocious” and “flat out morally wrong.”

Now, in the definition of the US government, anti-homosexuality movements (groups opposing gay “marriage” and other homosexual perversions) are a “threat,” because US officials see the homosexual behavior as a noble “human right.”

Do “human rights” rape and kill? They did so in Uganda. According to Scott Lively, in the past the African nation had a law that required all men and boys in Uganda to submit to the homosexual seduction of its ruler, King Mwanga. By official count 22 young men were executed under this law.

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When Ugandans began to convert to Christianity in the 1800s, a group of Catholics led by Charles Lwanga refused to allow themselves to be sodomized by the King. Enraged, King Mwanga had them torturously bound, marched 37 miles and then roasted alive in a fire pit. The date of their execution was June 3rd, 1886, and is today a national holiday commemorating Uganda’s rejection of homosexuality and commitment to Christian values.

So it should be no surprise, according to Lively, that modern Ugandans are very unhappy that homosexual political activists from Europe and the United States are working aggressively to re-homosexualize their nation.

The Pink SwastikaTo compare an anti-homosexuality law in Uganda to oppressive government crackdowns on German Jews in the 1930s is immoral, cynical, and opportunistic. According to the book The Pink Swastika, German Jews suffered crackdowns from a mostly homosexual Nazi government elite. The comparison would be appropriate if Kerry had condemned political, economic and diplomatic crackdowns on Uganda and other poor because of their laws protecting their societies against homosexual threats.

It is very easy to use Uganda in preposterous comparisons that serve the purpose of immoral propaganda on behalf of the Western pro-homosexuality imperialism. Uganda has no power to resist the haughty Western nations. And now Uganda is under a Western blackmail: if it does not repel its anti-homosexuality law, its poor population will not receive foreign assistance, which will instead be directed to “human rights” groups.

It is very easy also for the US and European officials to chastise Russia for its law protecting children from homosexual propaganda. Russia is not Uganda, but it is a regional power that represents no significant threat to the pro-homosexuality superpower. Besides, Russia represents no financial advantage for the Western powers. It has no massive investments in Western banks.

SauditasWhat you will not see is the US and European officials condemning Saudi Arabia, whose Textbooks for Islamic Studies, officially used by the Saudi Ministry of Education, say:

“Homosexuality is one of the most disgusting sins and greatest crimes…. It is a vile perversion that goes against sound nature, and is one of the most corrupting and hideous sins…. The punishment for homosexuality is death… [the perpetrator] is to be burned with fire. It has also been said that he should be stoned, or thrown from a high place.”

Have you heard Kerry say “atrocious” and “flat out morally wrong” at some point? Can you see America “troubled” by an anti-homosexuality movement in Saudi Arabia and launching the first effort to combat it? Can you hear the US government describing anti-homosexuality laws in Saudi Arabia as a “threat to human rights”?

If America does it, I can overhear American bankers and Wall Street growling and yelling with pain.

Saudi Arabia treats homosexuality much worse than Uganda does and receives no condemnation. The difference is: Uganda receives assistance money from the Western powers; Saudi Arabia has massive investments in big Western corporations and banks.

America just does not touch Saudi Arabia. When Muslim terrorists mostly from Saudi Arabia attacked the US in 9/11, in return the US invaded Iraq (the enemy of the Saudis and an ally of Russia).

Some years ago, a homosexual from Saudi Arabia had his asylum request denied by the US government. Obviously, the US government has no interest in asylum seekers from Islamic nations as Saudi Arabia, which brazenly kill homosexuals. But let a homosexual Russian request asylum by alleging that he was denied his “human rights” when the anti-propaganda law in Russia prohibited him from having access to children.

If Uganda were Saudi Arabia, it could in the Saudi way treat homosexuality whatever way it wished, unopposed and without worry, and America would turn a blind eye.

If it were Saudi Arabia, Russia could similarly kill homosexuals, under the same American blind eye. Because Russia is not Saudi Arabia, even Google felt free to mock Russians by putting homosexual symbols in its website to directly confront Russia during Sochi Olympics. Its mockery was aimed at the Russian law banning gay propaganda to children.

Google gay nas Olímpiadas da Rússia 2“Google has made a clear and unequivocal statement that Russia’s anti-LGBT discrimination is indefensible,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, whose Washington-based gay group has been lobbying American corporations to condemn the Russian law (whose punishment is fines, not death) signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in July.

Can you visualize a similar campaign against the Saudis, who do not fine, but kill homosexuals?

The US government also mocked Russians. Obama did not go to Sochi and made sure that the world understood his decision: he sent prominent gay athletes to Sochi. He showed no interest in Russian children and their well-being and protection. His only worry was to show support to the gay agenda. In fact, this is the top priority of his foreign policy. Homosexuality first, children later…

The global anti-homosexuality movement, defined by Kerry as a “threat” to “human rights,” would never be a threat if, as Saudi Arabia does, it had massive investments in the US, even if its pro-family campaigns were aimed at killing homosexuals, just as Saudi Arabia does.

Will the effort by the US government to combat the global anti-homosexuality movement bother Saudi investors and killers?

The US combat is an ongoing effort to grant voice and power to gay supremacists and silence their opponents. In 2011, WND reported,

“The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.”

And in 2013, according to the Family Research Council, “The Washington Blade, D.C.’s gay newspaper, praised the Obama administration for creating an army of international lobbyists for same-sex ‘marriage,’ anti-discrimination laws, and homosexual ‘rights’ around the world.”

To advance gay “marriage” and other noble “human rights,” the US government is determined to combat the anti-homosexuality movement around the world, including in Uganda and Russia. The Saudis and other Muslim investors? They have always had special exemption from whatever ideological and homosexual imperialism America imposes on everybody else.

Let Muslim terrorists from Saudi Arabia attack America, and America will attack everybody, except the Saudis. And as a proof of her loyalty, America will have a CIA director converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia! (In 2013, WND reported that the current CIA director John Brennan had an Islamic conversion in Saudi Arabia.)

Let Saudi Arabia kill homosexuals, and America will condemn everybody else, including Russia, which has no law for killing homosexuals.

Whatever insanity Muslim extremists in Saudi Arabia do, America will blame and chastise everybody else, especially conservative Christians.

If the pro-homosexuality, pro-Saudi America which wants to be a global cop against conservative Christians is not a Babylon (sheer confusion), then what is she?

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