US – China Trade War Tensions Not Over Yet, Affording to Xi Jinping

When President Donald Trump announced his first round of tariffs on Chinese goods, many critics condemned him and instantly blamed him for things that hadn’t even happened yet.

When the second round of harsher tariffs were announced, the outrage against Trump grew.

Many breathed a sigh of relief when Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in at the G20 Summit and announced they had come to a tentative trade agreement that should end the tariff-induced trade war.

One would think that Trump was a hero and doing the right thing in re-negotiating with China on trade, but Democrats and the mainstream media continued to attack Trump.

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Their attacks are bound to grow after what Xi Jinping said in a recent speech.

Bloomberg – Xi’s Defiant End to 2018 Signals More U.S.-China Tension Ahead – Anyone betting that Chinese President Xi Jinping would back down quickly in a trade war with Donald Trump better think again.

Xi told a Beijing crowd including some of China’s most influential political, military and business figures on Tuesday that the country’s growing wealth and power had validated the Communist Party’s — and thus his own — leadership. “No one is in the position to dictate to the Chinese people what should and should not be done,” Xi said.

Xi’s speech — an 80-minute recitation of party achievements — outlined no new economic policies that might assuage investor concerns about market access or the slowing economy. Instead, he reaffirmed China’s pursuit of “indigenous innovation” in “core technologies.”

The event was intended to mark the 40th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s “Reform and Opening Up,” a campaign that unleashed an economic boom that helped China outlast the Soviet Union and become the world’s second-largest economy. But coming at the end of Xi’s most tumultuous year since taking power in 2012, it also served to assert his own rule at home and push back against critics abroad, such as the U.S. president…

While Barack Obama was dismantling the US military, China was busy building new ships, new fighter jets and other weapons of war.

A growing number of experts are saying that if war between the US and China broke that China would likely win.

Then there is the part where China owns a considerable amount of US debt and could use that a means to  cause financial chaos here in America.

In reality, it appears that the US has much to lose in any kind of war with China, trade or military, while China as everything to gain.



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