Univision Anchor Acevedo Says Border Patrol Agents Should Just Duck from Rocks Instead of Building Wall

Over and over, we see evidence from Democrats that they have very little concern for the welfare or lives of law enforcement personnel or for the American people.

They willing help hide and protect illegal aliens who in turn victimize American citizens.

They do everything to stop efforts to protect the American people while spending a ton of effort to protect illegal foreigners, including gang members and violent criminals.

As more and more migrants crowd the American border, the more violent they have become, demanding to be allowed to illegally enter the United States.

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Yet, liberal Democrats, like Enrique Acevedo, an anchor with Univision says that instead of building the border wall, Border Patrol Agents should just duck the many rocks thrown at them.

Breitbart – Nolte: Univision Anchor Tells Border Agents to Dodge Rocks Rather than Ask for Wall – Instead of calling for a border wall that would protect them from rock-wielding illegal migrants, Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo believes border agents should just duck.

Acevedo appeared Monday on Fox News with Martha McCallum and she launched the segment by asking Acevedo if he agreed with a border agent who claimed a newly refurbished section of the wall had kept him and his fellow agents safer.

“Just listening to the women with the border patrol, Enrique, describing that they had rocks getting thrown at their agents; she said this is so much better having the wall that they can see through because they can see what’s coming at them from the other side, and that helps keep them safer in their job. That’s a good thing, right?” MacCallum asked.

“Well, it’s always a good thing when we can keep border patrol agents, federal agents safer,” Acevedo replied. “I would just ask you, Martha, is it worth $25 billion to keep people 100, 200, 300 yards away from the border to throwing rocks at agents on the other side when you just do this [Acevedo then physically ducked out of camera range]. Is that worth $25 billion?” …

What makes illegal aliens more valuable and worthwhile than American citizens?

I’ve asked Democrats this question and at first they usually deny it’s true and then they try to give lame excuses about wanting to help those in need of help.

That’s when I ask if that is the case, they why don’t they spend as much time and effort to help American citizens in need instead of illegal foreigners.

I’ve yet to get a sufficient response, as I confront them with accusation of the only reason Democrats spend so much time and effort on illegal aliens is because of their illegal votes.

That usually leads them to end the conversation.



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