United Nations Honors Mass Murderer Communist Militant

While in the beginning the United Nations served a useful purpose, but over time, they have taken on the goal of establishing themselves as the ruling body of a one-world government.

For years, I’ve been advocating that the United Nations is a socialist organization and an enemy of the United States.

The socialist/communist United Nations is the reason the United States lost the Vietnam War by forcing all military actions against the communists by the US to be approved by the communists on the UN Security Council, hence they always knew what the US was gong to do.

The UN is currently very anti-Israel and pro-Palestine.

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In a further display of their socialism and communism by displaying a huge portrait of Cuban communist mass murdering militant Chi Guevara.

Independent Sentinel – UN Displays GIANT Portrait of Mass Murdering Communist Che Guevara – I want you to put socialism on trial. That’s what I’m asking you to do today. I don’t want us to stand idly by. I don’t want to let this stuff fester; I want it challenged; I want it debated; I want it rebutted, and I want to convict socialism.”

~ Larry Kudlow

In the Geneva UN headquarters, a giant portrait of mass murder and Cuban communist revolutionary icon Che Guevara is displayed.

Never doubt that the U.N. is a communist dictators’ club in general and that most of the world are collectivists to one degree or another.

The United Nations decided to hang a giant portrait of socialist Che Guevara, the racist and homophobic mass murdering psychopath, at its location in Geneva. Ironically, the portrait of this bloodthirsty murderer, who killed without mercy and helped oppress millions, is sharing the same space in Geneva with the U.N. Human Rights Council…

If President Donald Trump really wanted to make America great again, the first thing he should do is fully withdraw from the United Nations.

Secondly, Trump should evict the United Nations from US land, including their towering building in New York City.

Such a move would save the US hundreds of billions of dollars along with the lives of our military men and women.



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