Unfortunately, Sometimes the Decisions of Courts Are Predetermined

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You don’t want to say this, you don’t want to believe it, but sometimes the decisions of courts are predetermined, despite the evidence. It shouldn’t be that way. They should wait to listen to the evidence, the testimony that they’ve not heard, and then make an objective decision. We all hope that courts would be objective, and give us an opportunity for justice.

But unfortunately in this case, with Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Court of the Judiciary, for many reasons I believe, had already predetermined this decision. They issued a 50 page opinion. There’s no way that they could have written that in the short amount of time that they had from the end of the trial until the time they released the opinion. It was pre-written. And no matter what the evidence was, they reached their own conclusion, violating the rules, and violating the law.

Our special guest today is Chief Justice Roy Moore who has been suspended for the rest of his term, frankly removed for the rest of his term, until his term expires January 2019…

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