VIDEO: George ‘Mr. Sulu’ Takei Encourages Homosexual Persecution of Christian Lawmakers

Being a big fan of the Star Trek franchise and all of its spin-off television series and movies, I just couldn’t resist sharing a few observations and comments about a recent interview with George Takei, the Star Trek actor (aka Mr. Sulu)-turned-“gay” activist.

The iconic Star Trek actor George Takei was recently on the television program Democracy Now sharing his opinions on many of the recent political and legal victories of the homosexual agenda. Apparently, he doesn’t think Christians should be allowed to serve their country in public office. (A recently passed San Antonio, Texas “anti-discrimination” policy basically says the same thing.) But it’s just another objective in the “final frontier” of the intolerant homosexual activists trampling freedom underfoot.

He repeatedly referred to the legislators who supported SB-1062, which protected individuals and business from promoting messages or participating in activities that violated their sincerely held religious beliefs, as “right-wing religious extremists” who do not represent the people of Arizona, but are instead using such legislation as a “veil to cover religious prejudice and nothing more.” He also blatantly and maliciously mischaracterized Arizona’s freedom protecting bill as an attempt to uphold the right to “refuse service to…anyone that disagrees with business people’s religion (sic)” and “trying to write prejudice…bullying and coercion into civil law.” No, Mr. Takei, it’s time to come back down to earth and realize that the exact opposite is the case. SB-1062 would have actually protected all people’s religious and conscience convictions, including yours.

Speaking of these Christian lawmakers who voted for Arizona’s Religious Freedom Bill, George Takei further stated on the Democracy Now program:

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These legislators have no business being in public service, making public policy. They need to be removed.

Then, sounding a little Borg-ish (“Resistance is Futile” when it comes to the homosexual lobby), Takei pledged:

We’re going to be very active in the campaign to remove these people who have no right to be in public office.

They have “no right to be in public office,” really? So, according to George Takei, and many of his homo-fascist friends, Christians have no right to serve this nation as a politician unless they capitulate to the perverse homosexual agenda. But these public servants are not alone; they are just one of many targets of the “gay-stapo” thugs. It sounds to me like Mr. Sulu wants to take us all on another interstellar amoral “adventure”…thanks, but no thanks.

What about Article VI (Paragraph 3) of the Constitution – you know, that pesky little “no religious test clause”? I guess that must be another one of those “apparently flawed” clauses that Piers Morgan would like to see changed. Is Mr. Takei pushing for a homo-fascist litmus test for politicians or maybe just a good old-fashioned Marxist purge of Christians from “respectable” society? Only perversity-pushers allowed!

As to his critics, such as Rush Limbaugh, he summarily dismissed them all as unreliable sources. “They do not listen,” said Takei, “and they do not think.” Oh, we hear you loud and clear, Takei, and we categorically reject your insidious efforts to have homosexual faux rights trump true First Amendment freedoms.

Moreover, he praised the three fearful flip-flopping Republicans who voted for the legislation, but later reversed course and encouraged Governor Brewer to veto the bill. Specifically, Takei gave an appreciatory shout-out to Arizona State Senator Steve Pearce who currently serves as the Majority Whip…sounds to me like the homosexual lobby did a little of their own whipping on Sen. Pearce. In fact, they ultimately “whupped” him into submission (It helps when spoken with a little Hoosier twang).

Takei was basically happy that these politicians had finally seen the “light”…actually they were enshrouded by the darkness. As it all played out last week in Arizona, we we’re unfortunately watching a very scary, twisted sequel to Star Trek into Darkness, warping morality at the speed of light and sucking our every precious freedom into the Black Hole with them.

Takei also praised the liberal cabal of the Corporate Lobby (Marriott, Southwest Airlines, Apple, etc.), RINO Republicans (Romney, McCain, Flake, etc.), and amateur and professional sports (NCAA, NFL). He claimed that SB-1062 would have “damaged the reputation…and the economy of Arizona.” Never mind the damage that’s being done to the soul of America. Coercion is now cool for the homo-fascists, and the criminalization of Christianity is happening right before our very eyes. Faith is being consigned to our hearts, homes, and houses of worship, but trust me, those places are next on the list of targets.

I’ve always been a big fan of Star Trek, but I’m sorry, being a celebrity of a classic sci-fi television series does not a Constitutional expert make…with George Takei being only one of the latest and most pathetic prime examples. Mr. Sulu, we love you in the old re-runs, but keep your distorted vision for America to yourself…please!

Beam me up, Scotty, the homosexual life form is on the attack down here.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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