Liberal ‘Love’: Professor’s Vile Email to Conservative Group

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Upon receiving an unsolicited and unwanted political appeal, what does any normal, rational and decent person do? Ignore it, hang up, delete it or something like that, right? Well, that’s not exactly how one psycho professor responded. Nope, he instead went off on a deranged, wild-eyed tirade so vile it’s hard to believe — but on second thought, this type of unhinged behavior is actually becoming the norm at many of our nation’s institutions of higher indoctrination and intolerance.

On Tuesday, a frenzied faculty member at Arizona State University, Joe Skulan, sent an obscene email to a conservative political group after they sent him a friendly reminder to vote in an upcoming Wisconsin election. The email sent by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), an organization funded in part by conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch, was part of a mass email campaign and did not specify any particular candidates on the ballot. It merely guided individuals to web instructions on how to vote in the municipal and school district elections. But that was enough to send this sick-in-the-head “scholar” into a real rampage.

Professor Skulan replied to AFP’s email with this disturbed comment, “As soon as you finish wiping Kock [Koch] c** off your *ss, please take a moment to go f*** yourself.”

Perhaps this ivory tower looney lefty will understand my assessment of his current state of mind:  Non compos mentis.

File photo from the University of Wisconsin

As Media Trackers first reported, Skulan used his official University of Wisconsin email address to badger AFP with his repulsive message. The professor was a former faculty member at the university, but the officials at UW were very quick to inform everyone that he is no longer on staff there. And for good reason!

According to the official Arizona State University website, Skulan is currently employed as an assistant research professor in chemistry and biochemistry. We can only hope that the ASU administrators will hold him immediately accountable for his reprehensible vitriol.

On Facebook, Skulan continued his diatribe by “clarifying” his remarks:

“Had I known that my email would be read I probably would have been more specific: ‘Please, after removing the semen that the Koch brothers have deposited in your rectum, take a moment to refill your rectum with your own semen.’” Now, that he put it that way, it sounds so much more “reasonable” — NOT!

Skulan didn’t succeed in digging himself out of any holes as the lengthy, vulgar post continued. “To be clear, my comment was metaphorical. I have no particular reason to believe that the person at AFP who sent the letter (I forget his name) actually engages in anal sex with the brothers Koch or anyone else, and would not care if he did. The reference to sexual act was meant to imply that AFP and the Kochs have the same relationship to each other that a skanky prostitute has to a lecherous and pustule-ridden old man, or that, say, Tom Tiffany has to Chris Cline and Media Trackers has to its own sugar daddy/daddies.”

“I admit the preceding comparison may not be entirely accurate,” Skulan stated as he finally brought his rant to a conclusion, “It implies that AFP employees are Koch wh*res, but it also is possible that they are Koch sl*ts — that they are willing participants in their perversion, not just people paid to be perverse.”

Didn’t the meanstream media go into convulsions when Rush Limbaugh said something similar about Sandra Fluke?  You bet they did!

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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