Slippery Slope? Lesbian ‘Throuple’ Expecting First Baby

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There are a few ways to really tick off a homosexual, and one of them is to mention the undeniable slippery slope. They will vehemently object to the practical reality of this argument, primarily because they know that it represents one of the strongest reasons to resist the culture’s headlong rush to redefine marriage. When faced with this unpleasant fact, denial is the homosexual defense mechanism of choice. However, a recent case in Massachusetts, once again, definitely proves the point.

Lesbian duo Brynn and Kitten Young were “united” in unholy mock-rimony 2½ years ago in the Bay State, and this past August they added Doll to the deviant mix with all three brides shamelessly wearing white with the traditional wedding veils. And how exactly did this fairy-nightmare come about? Through OKCupid, none other than the exact same on-line dating site that made it their mission to destroy Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for financially supporting natural marriage! So, the entire sordid homosexual agenda comes full circle — first, eradicate true marriage, and second, replace it with absolute sexual anarchy.

The state of Massachusetts doesn’t recognize three-way “marriage,” but since when has the law ever deterred the promoters of perversity? According to the New York Post the three women “insist their unconventional union is very real to them.” Unconventional? Try unseemly. Sorry ladies, but it’s not a “union,” it’s a delusion.

“In our eyes we are married,” said Brynn, “We had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so our assets are equally divided.” But just like their assets, they will forever remain “equally divided” regardless of how they feel. Marriage is based upon the solid facts of biology and complementary gender roles, not emotional flights of fancy.

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“I cried watching Doll and Kitten walk down the aisle towards me with their dads,” Brynn told The Sun newspaper of London. And they’re not alone. All defenders of legitimate marriage are also crying as the destruction of the family is happening right before our eyes, and everything we have ever said about the slippery slope is coming to fruition. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

As this story illustrates, homosexual activism is also having a very negative influence upon the terminology of relationships. For example, new words like “monogamish,” “wedlease” and “throuple” are being haphazardly thrown around by non-traditional marriage proponents. After all, if a “marriage” can be sexually open or non-gender specific, why should it be limited to just two people in the first place?

The word “throuple,” as demonstrated by the Youngs, first appeared in a 2012 New York Magazine article which described another threesome this way: “Their throuplehood is more or less a permanent domestic arrangement. The three men work together, raise dogs together, sleep together, miss one another, collect art together, travel together, bring each other glasses of water, and, in general, exemplify a modern, adult relationship”[Emphasis mine]. More or less permanent? According to every study ever conducted on unnatural “marriages,” it’s actually less. As a matter of fact, each member of this latest eccentric Lesbian “throuple” has quite a track record of prior broken marriages and bizarre relationships.

Now, Brynn, Kitten and Doll are expecting to soon accessorize their faux relationship with “their” first child. To be clear, it’s actually the youngest of the three, Kitten, who is six months pregnant via in vitro fertilization through an unknown sperm donor. So, in addition to being thrust into an absolutely confusing environment, this child will also be intentionally robbed of a father.

“The three of us have always wanted kids and wanted to grow our family,” said Kitten. But what about the needs of the child? I guess the child takes a back seat for those who are trying to “play house” and make their living arrangement seem as normal as possible.

The slippery slope is getting ever more slippery by the moment. And it obviously doesn’t matter if children get hurt along the way.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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