Coalition Grills Mozilla Over Forced CEO Resignation

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Washington, DC — Following CEO Brendan Eich’s forced resignation from Mozilla Corporation due to a $1,000 contribution in 2008 in support of California’s Proposition 8 referendum supporting traditional marriage, Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) has joined two dozen organizations in signing an open letter, asking for a formal clarification from the technology company’s policy on free speech and diversity for heterosexuals, former homosexuals, and religious individuals who adhere to a traditional Biblical view of marriage. The coalition is also seeking an explanation as to why Mr. Eich was forced to resign due to his sincerely held religious beliefs and support for traditional marriage. The letter can be viewed by clicking here.

“Mozilla claims to adhere to an inclusive, safe atmosphere embracing and defending diversity within its organization, yet it contrarily allowed for a workplace environment so hostile to Mr. Eich as to pressure him into resignation,” commented John Ozanich, Advisory Board member of VoV. “Mr. Eich did not make any statements or donations on behalf of Mozilla, but rather, exercised his first amendment rights as a private citizen in his support of Proposition 8. Why is he being punished for living out his faith? Diversity must also embrace free speech and expression, which includes the right to support one’s sincerely held religious beliefs in the public forum.”

Mozilla’s actions call into question why some employees that have privately contributed to certain political causes are scrutinized, yet others are not. “Will Mozilla conduct investigation’s into all of its employees’ political and charitable donations, or only examine the contributions of those who give to pro-family and conservative causes? In the spirit of fairness, Mozilla owes an explanation to its employees and customers as to what constitutes diversity and inclusion,” commented Ozanich.

“That Mozilla would allow this type of workplace hostility to cause the forced resignation of its co-founder and new CEO should be a concern and call into question the priorities of the corporation, which is placing political correctness over their purpose and mission – and by extension, its employees, users, customers, investors, and dependent businesses of Mozilla products,” commented Ozanich.

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If your organization wishes to sign the open letter to Mozilla Corporation, which can be viewed by clicking here, please e-mail

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