Ugly Truth: How Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Affects Us All

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Many of us have heard and are frankly tiring of homosexual comebacks like, “How would my ‘gay marriage’ affect you? So, mind your own business” or “If you don’t like same-sex ‘marriage,’ then don’t get one.” Like most of their senseless zingers, they think that if they fling a few of these snarky retorts, the debate is over. But, hey, not so fast! Although they seem to be quite proud of their pat little replies, there is plenty of proof that counterfeit same-sex ‘marriage’ affects us all in some very intrusive and even dangerous ways.    

Let me begin by first asking a related question: Does one couple’s divorce affect a someone else’s marriage or family? Not exactly. Well, not immediately and directly, but eventually and indirectly, it does. In many ways, we all pay the price for the breakdown of the family. Likewise, EVERY study ever conducted has shown that gay relationships (civil unions or their counterfeit “marriages”) are less faithful and less permanent than their heterosexual counterparts. (see one of my previous columns for more information). Moreover, in the places where the same-sex “marriage” experiment has already been tried, it has miserably failed. Wherever marriage has been shortsightedly redefined, the research has also found an alarming and significant decline in the rate of marriage overall.

In other words, the legal validation of homosexual “unions” contributes to more cohabiting couples and broken homes, creating a moral/cultural vacuum into which will rush a whole host of social ills such as a higher dependency upon welfare, higher rates of domestic abuse, higher unemployment, higher crime, higher rates of suicide and other psychological harm to children. Every member of society will eventually have to pay for these adverse consequences…socially, financially, morally and in numerous other ways.

The real aims of the radical homosexual agenda undeniably stretch far beyond their innocuous-sounding cries for equal or “gay rights.” Therefore, true marriage defenders must be involved in constantly exposing the irrefutable darkness and depravity into which the counterfeit marriage supporters hope we will all soon descend. 

Not only will we see the above destructive consequences manifest themselves to a greater and greater extent, there are also several other disturbing ramifications that are already affecting us all. Therefore, this is our business, and we will not politely butt out because the perversity-pushers are, in fact, destructively impacting our lives and threatening true liberty.

That affects us all! 

Each of the situations listed below have actually happened, and are still happening, all around our country:

When someone can be fired and have their livelihood put in jeopardy merely for expressing an unfavorable belief about homosexuality or same-sex “marriage”…that can and does affect us all!

Whenever someone puts their hand into our pockets and requires us to pay for someone else’s gender reassignment surgery…that affects us all!

When our children can be indoctrinated with the perversities of homosexuality and all kinds of other sexually deviant behavior…that affects us all!

Need I go on? Why not? Since I’m just starting to get on a roll, why stop now?

When the militant homosexuals try (and in many cases succeed) to hijack Christian denominations with their sexually aberrant behavior and coercively shove all traditional believers out the door…that affects us all!

When business owners are forced to promote messages or participate in activities that violate their sincerely held beliefs or be put out of business…that affects us all!

When academia surrenders to the “settled science” of the homosexual “studies” and conducts chilling investigations of any professors that dare to step out of line…that affects us all!

But there’s more…

When groups or clubs can be brought to their financial knees if they won’t capitulate to the homo-fascists…that affects us all!

When religious beliefs are equated with bigotry and hatred…that affects us all!

When the mainstream media is being controlled by the strong-arm tactics of GLAAD and similar groups…that affects us all!

And I’m not done yet…

When your educational pursuits can be derailed unless you support or espouse the homosexual dogma…that affects us all!

When the Leftist transgender bathroom, shower, and locker room policies make it easier for our daughters to be raped and sexually assaulted…that affects us all!

When activist judges unilaterally suspend the Constitution in their efforts to impose sexual deviancy and redefine the family against the wishes of the voters…that affects us all!

Did you think I was done yet? Not quite!

When the government targets religious schools, companies, and organizations and tries to force them to hire self-avowed, practicing homosexuals…that affects us all!

When mobs of homosexual activists can terrorize local churches with impunity…that affects us all!

When families have to avoid certain cities in June or risk having their children exposed to outrageous public displays of raunchy behavior, pornography, nudity, or simulated and actual sex acts during the various “Gay” Pride parades…that affects us all!

How about a few more thrown in for good measure?

When a city in America (San Antonio, Texas) can ban citizens who won’t submit to the “gay” agenda from serving in public office or holding city jobs…that affects us all!

When a biological parent can have their child taken away by a former homosexual partner…that affects us all!

When Christians can be mistreated by police and arrested for legally passing out literature at homosexual events…that affects us all!

Bear with me just a little longer…

When city workers can be forced to march in Gay Pride parades in defiance of their faith…that affects us all!

When companies are intimidated by the mayors of major cities as a result of the owner’s stance on marriage…that affects us all!

When the U.S Department of Justice requires it’s employees to openly affirm the homosexual lifestyle and warns them that “silence will be interpreted as disapproval”…that affects us all!

Sadly, I could go on and on, but I think most reasonable people get the point by now.

Then, why don’t the homosexuals and their sympathizers get it?

Freedom is in serious jeopardy due to the virulent same-sex stormtroopers. The homo-fascists need to stop spouting off their lies about how the wholesale embracing of the homosexual lifestyle will not affect the average citizen. Because it’s patently false!

The question is not about whether counterfeit “marriage” will affect us; it’s actually about the extent to which it will harm and negatively impact everyone. As AFR’s Bryan Fischer powerfully put it in one of his recent columns, “Every single advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. Americans want to believe otherwise, that sodomy and religious liberty can coexist, but they cannot. Everywhere Big Gay gains ground, Christ is forced into retreat.” This truly is the battle of our day! No doubt about it!

It is abundantly clear that despite homosexual claims to the contrary, sodomy-based “marriage” is an ill-advised social experiment that has already proven itself to be an abject failure and extremely dangerous for every member society. Further travel down this reckless path will only lead to more pain and greater problems. The sooner we realize this as a nation, the better!

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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