Unemployment or Free Contraception?

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Those who question whether supplying young women with free contraceptives and government-subsidized abortions should be the federal government’s responsibility — along with providing for the national defense and regulating commerce — are attacked by the left and accused of waging a war on women, with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the charge and the media braying their tune. Meanwhile 36 percent of 20-29 year old women can’t find jobs.


In clear contradiction to facts, Nancy Pelosi claimed: “The Democrats’ economic agenda unleashes the full potential of America’s women into our society, energizing our economy, and strengthening the middle class — the backbone of our democracy.”

Why do politicians and the media want to shift the public’s focus from the economy to an imaginary “War on Women?” Could it be because today there are millions of young women — a large number of which have a crushing burden of debt acquired getting a college education that was supposed to be a ticket to a job and a place in the middle class — who are not employed and have no way to escape their debt? In large part, this is because the hundreds of billions in federal spending have ended up being a boondoggle to buy votes from special interest groups rather than an actual stimulus program. Politicians and the media, nevertheless, effectively keep the focus on an imaginary “war on women” instead of the left’s ineptitude and corruption.

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Clearly, the threat to an entire generation of young women today is not access to affordable contraception, but an executive branch whose every policy seems bent on discouraging job creation and whose irrational regulations put everything from toads to turtles ahead of human needs, by its failure to grant permission for projects such as the Keystone Pipeline, and lawsuits brought by the EPA, Justice, and Labor Departments.

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