Unconscionable: Leaders Must Demand that Hillary Exit the Race

Hillary Clinton supports slaughtering unborn babies, murdering innocent people, sexually mutilating and abusing children, raping women, overthrowing the U.S. with illegal aliens and refugees, overthrowing the U.S. with black supremacist terrorists, expanding Islamic terrorism, and every other evil imaginable. Yet I have not heard one significant Democratic, Republican, liberal, or conservative leader call for her to exit the race. This is unconscionable.

Hillary Clinton is undeniably evil. Leaders from all political ideology have a duty to demand that she exit the race.

Clinton leads the Democratic Party which openly worked with the enemy to defeat the U.S. in war—on multiple occasions. The latest example is the Iraq War when 20% of Democrats openly said they wanted Islamic terrorists to defeat America.

On top of this, Democrats such as Dick Durbin and Harry Reid went to the Senate floor to denounce U.S. troops and advocate for Islamic terrorists to defeat the U.S. in war.

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Other Democrats officially helped radical leftists provide support to Islamic terrorists in their efforts to kill U.S. troops.

I was in the Army Reserve from 2004-2012, and I was in Iraq from parts of 2009 through parts of 2010 while Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party worked to murder people like me.

Is my life worthless?

Barack Obama said in 2012 that if peace means ending the murdering of unborn babies he wants nothing to do with it. Nancy Pelosi said in 2012 that failing to use government money to fund the slaughter of babies is “an immorality.”

Hillary Clinton heads the Party of Murdering Babies.

Hillary Clinton is also a fanatical supporter of sexually mutilating and abusing children.

She also vigorously defends her rapist husband and attacks the women he raped. She laughs at successfully defending a man who raped a young girl.

Clinton and the Democratic Party have rallied to support the black supremacist domestic terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter.

Hillary Clinton supports the invasion, occupation, and overthrow of the American People with illegal aliens and so-called war refugees.

And then there is her horrible record as Secretary of State. She started wars, supported Islamic terrorists, and was responsible for the deaths of countless Americans and others.

Clinton belongs to the party that supported Ted Kennedy. Kennedy killed a woman and then was celebrated by the party.

She is the leader of the party that has embraced violent, communist terrorists. She and the Democrats have elevated them to the highest levels of power in the U.S.

Hillary Clinton is the epitome of evil.

And it is unconscionable that Democratic, Republican, liberal, and conservative leaders have all failed to demand that she exit from the presidential race. Everyone must start demanding this now.

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