Color-Blind No More: The Uncivilized Rights Movement

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The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace both must be turning over in their graves. In case you haven’t heard, black students on college campuses across America are now demanding segregation rights. The goal of a color-blind, blended society is now in the rear-view mirror as we hurdle back in time toward a stratified, segregated and divided America. Segregation is now deemed a right for gatherings, housing, events and training sessions based on a person’s color. What’s next? Separate drinking fountains?

Why is this happening? You can certainly blame multi-culturalism and political correctness run amuck for these trends, but in actuality, the pathology of this societal regression and rot is more profound than that. Arthur Schlesinger warned America that the alternative to the concept of a melting pot is ethnic identity politics. What follows is descent into tribalism, which represents a giant step backward in societal evolution. This confirms what I learned years ago from the tome “Family and Civilization,” published 70 years ago by Harvard sociologist Dr. Carle Zimmerman. “Family and Civilization” highlights the role, function and power of distinct family constructs in contrast to the advancement and decline of civilization.

Dr. Zimmerman outlines the fact that tribalistic societies never amount to much in the way of advancement. They remain primitive because the individuals are expected to sacrifice their personal goals on the altar of what’s best for the tribe. At the other end of the family construct is the atomistic family — or put another way, a so-called family of one reflecting a society composed of narcissist people who value neither marriage nor children. The book was nothing less than historic and prophetic in its scorn for tribalism and its warnings concerning the dangers of narcissism.

As it turns out, throughout the course of history, the secret building block of great societies has always been the traditional nuclear family, which offers a unique opportunity for people to achieve greatness based on the freedom, cohesion and support from parents and children bonded in closely held, permanent relationships of love, trust and mutual sacrifice.

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The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and those calling for segregation of the races would have us believe that society has not been fair or just to blacks in America, and they need space to bond with one another in order to preserve their ethnic identity. They are entirely wrong in their assessment of their current condition. They did not grow up poor and disenfranchised because they were black, per se, but because they are the product of a ghetto culture that eschewed the best that America and Western civilization has to offer, including the nuclear family construct.

Undaunted and unfazed, the Black Lives Matter website defiantly states: “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages … We see ourselves as part of the global black family …”

Hence, the movement seeks to disrupt the only thing that can save them. How tragic and miserable is that?

First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press

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