Unbelievable: Common Core Asks Kids to Remove Two Amendments to Bill of Rights

Barb Wire

By Alec Torres

According to a report by the Digital Journal, sixth-grade students in the public Bryant School District in Arkansas were assigned a project to update the “outdated” Bill of Rights. They were directed to “prioritize, revise, omit two and add two amendments.” Lela Spears, the outraged mother of a girl who received the assignment, said that her daughter received these direction in her history class and that it was the first assignment of that class dealing with the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

The assignment begins with the hypothetical situation that the government is revisiting the Bill of Rights and have determined it’s “outdated in its current form.” With the desire to “ensure that our personal civil liberties and the pursuit of happiness remains guarded in the 21st century” the government has tasked the students who, per the project, are experts on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

(Editor’s Note: A spokesperson for the Bryant School District has confirmed the authenticity of the assignment. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Debbie Bruick-Jones stated that the school district stands by the “very strong assignment” and is not considering retracting or altering it at this time.)

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