UN Declares Israel’s Jewish Holy Sites Muslim

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The United Nations is seeking to rewrite history with respect to Israel. And two Jewish biblical holy sites have now been declared Islamic in a resolution passed in a body of the United Nations which is also alleging that Palestinians have been mistreated by the state of Israel in Jerusalem’s old city at the Temple Mount.

Mat Staver: You know Matt, if you don’t like history, I guess you just rewrite it. You pass a resolution. It’s time that we stopped sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to support this out-of-control United Nations. It is bureaucratic, it is fraudulent, it has corruption, and it is contrary to all of the freedom that we in America enjoy. It is contrary to our Judeo-Christian freedom, that America and Israel enjoy together.

Its most recent resolution, declaring the sites to be Islamic is absolutely an attempt to re-write history.

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Matt Barber: Yea….well, according to Israel the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNSECO) is working together with Palestinians to rewrite biblical history, Mat. And the UN can step in if it wants to and just arbitrarily declare that Los Angeles belongs to Mexico. But that doesn’t make it so.

Israel is a sovereign nation. The United States is a sovereign nation. And the UN, which has expressed clear hostility to the state of Israel, and has favored Islam and the terrorist leaders, the Palestinians, the Palestinian leaders, engaging in terrorist acts against Israel as we speak, Mat. They don’t have the authority to step in and do this.

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