UN to Appoint Global LGBT ‘Czar to Investigate Alleged Rights Violations by Govts/Individuals Against LGBT People

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A radical UN resolution is about to be voted on by the 47 Member States on the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva by the end of next Friday, July 1. The main objective of the resolution is to appoint a global LGBT “Czar” who will investigate alleged rights violations by governments and individuals against LGBT people.

Even though the UN resolution talks about ending violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity and about preventing discrimination leading to violence, the same talk has been used around the world to force same-sex marriage, cross-gender bathroom use, LGBT “rights” indoctrination education for children, and much more.

The global LGBT “Czar,” or “Special Rapporteur” as he is often called at the UN, would be given the mandate to collect reports and complaints from homosexual groups and individuals worldwide and would then use these complaints along with the full arsenal of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to pressure governments to overturn their laws protecting marriage, family, and religious and cultural values.

Typically, homosexual groups and individuals worldwide treat as “violence” and “discrimination” all effort to bar a legal disfigurement of marriage and attempts to ban homosexual indoctrination on children. Rev. Scott Lively, a Pentecostal minister, has been legally persecuted because gay groups, with the assistance of socialist legal machine of George Soros, interpreted that his preaching against homosexuality equals violence. They are accusing Lively of “Crimes Against Humanity”! A global U.N. LGBT “Czar” would grant victory to anti-Lively activists and would label ministers, priests and preachers as “Criminals Against Humanity”!

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Russia was vigorously condemned and ostracized by the U.S. government and the European Union since the approval of a Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to children and teens. A global U.N. LGBT “Czar” would officially condemn as “criminal,” “violence” and “discrimination” the Russian efforts to protect their children and teens from homosexual propaganda.

In 2011, PayPal closed my account definitively, after a campaign orchestrated by U.S. homosexualist group AllOut. To me, PayPal explained that I am ineligible to receive donations from my friends and readers because “you are not a registered non-profit organization.” To AllOut, PayPal explained that it closed my account because “We take very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation.” A global U.N. LGBT “Czar” would not only side with AllOut, but also could recommend the same denial of transactional services to Christians as punishment for their “homophobia” — biblical views opposed to homosexual practices.

The U.N. resolution will be voted by the 47 Member States on the UN Human Rights Council. Among these members there are nations making part of the “Core LGBT Group,” a group of eleven countries committed to “concerted action” for LGBT rights. The “Core LGBT Group,” led by the U.S., is composed by the European Union, Israel and Brazil, which will vote in the UN Human Rights Council.

Family Watch International (FWI) has prepared a form for you to send an email to all 47 UN Member States on the Council asking them to oppose the resolution. To use the FWI form to ask UN ambassadors to oppose the resolution, click here.

The urgency of the resolution shows that the homosexualist pressure on the UN is working.

Since the attack on a Orlando gay nightclub, which was committed by an Islamic terrorist, the Obama administration, with the full arsenal of the U.S. government, and the “Core LGBT Group” have been pressuring the United Nations to lead a global effort to advance the gay agenda around the world.

The Orlando attack should be used by the U.S. government to press the U.N. to condemn global Islamic violence, but it is using to build a global legal machine to harass and censor moral and Christian views opposed to homosexual behavior.

With information of Family Watch International.

Portuguese version of this article: ONU está para nomear “ministro” LGBT mundial que investigará alegadas violações de direitos por parte de governos e indivíduos contra homossexuais

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