The Ultimate Mother’s Day Selfie: A Portrayal of Demise

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It is a somewhat heady but appropriate topic worthy of our consideration as we celebrate Mother’s Day: the role of marriage, family, and demographics and the combined effects of the same on both the development and subsequent demise of civilizations past and present.

As a way of background, I share the world view of our founding fathers in that I believe in a creator and, in that regard, I recognize the principles of intelligent design. That is a short way of saying we were all created with an exquisite purpose in mind. To that effect, there is no higher purpose than being a wife and a mother, as women in general, and wives and mothers in particular, were the conscience and soul of our nation. They instilled and inculcated values as they raised and educated our young, and they tempered and helped to civilize and domesticate otherwise brutish men.

Some people, especially radical feminists, believe that viewing and honoring women for their familial role in this manner is not only archaic, but it amounts to a form of exploitation and oppression. But, I would have you know that the historical, spiritual, and moral foundation of our society, inculcated in our nation’s DNA by virtue of our Judeo-Christian heritage, delineates women as the crown of creation, not the doormat of men. In other words, the feminists got it all wrong.

Long before women began to promote feminism at the expense of femininity, Alexis De Tocqueville, who studied America in the 1830s, remarked that “if I am asked how we should account for the unusual prosperity and growing strength of this nation, I would reply that they must be attributed to the superiority of their women.” Further, he made this observation in comparison to the Europeans who were already confusing the various characteristics of the sexes to the extent that they were being made alike in an effort to be regarded as equals. De Tocqueville believed this ambition to make one sex equal to another by making them alike would demean both, and from this crude mixing of nature’s work, would emerge weak men and immodest women. Personally, I agree we do not need to be alike to be equal and in reality, in trying to be alike we all lose something unique about ourselves in the process.

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The nuclear family, which has always been the basic building block of successful civilizations, is disintegrating before our very eyes. Namely, men and women are abandoning their traditional roles in our society and as a result, our social order is crumbling. This is evidenced by the number of young people who are not getting married or are consciously uncoupling marriage and children. The result? We are no longer physically replacing ourselves. Worse, neither are we replicating ourselves by virtue of raising our children in accordance with our great heritage and traditions.

The most damaging effect of the feminist movement in America has to do with the death of maternal instinct. Personally, I can’t think of anything more feminine than being a mother. Yet, one key aspect of the rebellion against traditional values has to do with giving birth. There is no doubt the resultant confusion, degradation, and desecration of this irreplaceable function of women will be our death knell.

Case in point? Emily Letts, a young counselor at a NJ abortion clinic who filmed and posted her own abortion on line. She described the experience as “cool”, “birth-like”, “inspiring”; a “positive experience” which produced “happy feelings.” It was a “special memory” that she will always savor as she retains the sonogram as a keepsake. Maybe, today somebody should send her a Happy Un-Mother’s Day card?

First published in The Santa Barbara News Press

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