UCLA Students Sign Petition to Put Conservatives in Concentration Camps

Have you ever wondered what students are being taught today in many of the nation’s colleges and universities?

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is part of California’s public higher education system, that boast of a total enrollment around 45,500 students.

Tuition at UCLA for a 9-month academic year is $13,225 for instate students and about $30,000 for non-resident students.

So, what are patents getting for their money, when they send their sons or daughters to UCLA?

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A recent test showed that a number of UCLA signed a petition that called for placing all conservatives in concentration camps.

The Washington Standard – UCLA Students Sign Petition That Would Put Conservatives In Concentration Camps – Seriously, this follows after signing petitions to murder babies after birth by George Mason University students.  Kent State graduate and all around gun girl Kaitlin Bennett showed up undercover at UCLA to promote a petition that would put conservatives in concentration camps, and yes, there were students who signed it.

I actually believe that people in these indoctrination centers, more than less, don’t have a clue about life or the world around them.

Still, Bennett posed as Jenna Talia to ask students if they would sign her fake petition to throw conservatives in involuntary re-education camps, also known as concentration camps.

According to Liberty hangout:

Not only were the students she approached ecstatic to sign it, but one member of UCLA’s student government encouraged her to change the language to “diversity” and “sensitivity training” to hide their real intentions so the administration would approve it.

Many of these same students are most likely Democrats who are against the detainment of illegal alien families.

In the eyes of Democrats, it’s okay to put American citizens in concentration camps because they have a different political view who have violated no laws, but it’s not okay to detain people who violate our federal laws.

In past elections years, I saw a number of videos where someone interviewed college students on various campuses and these videos also revealed the ignorance on the part of students.

Some students thought a presidential ticket of Romney and Biden would be good for Republicans and others said they though Paul Ryan was black and would make a good running mate for Obama.

Don’t forget that just over 2 years ago, thousands of college students walked out of class and sat on the sidewalk and cried after they learned that Trump defeated Clinton.



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