U.S. Navy to Name Ship after Advocate for Cult Leader Jim Jones

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Harvey Milk was a sexual deviant. But he also was an advocate for cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones. And the media are reporting that the U.S. Navy plans to name a ship after Milk.

The Washington Post was one of the media outlets reporting that “a new fleet of replenishment oilers being built in San Diego will be named for Milk and five other civil and human rights icons.”

Read Matt Barber’s column on Harvey Milk if you aren’t familiar with who he was. He was a despicable person.

But here’s another thing to realize about Milk—particularly since Republicans and conservatives will soon cry, “Let the social issues go!” over this news: Milk was an advocate for cult leader Jim Jones.

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If you are interested in getting the Navy to reverse its reported decision, then focus on this aspect and demand that all public officials denounce this abhorrent choice.

We live in an age where if someone spots David Duke eating a hamburger and then sees Donald Trump doing the same, there soon are 100 blog posts and articles on how both Duke and Trump like hamburgers, and therefore Trump must secretly be a KKK member. And after that, the entire political class (including conservatives) are hysterically demanding that Trump denounce Duke.

So my thought is that although Republicans and conservatives are fully on board with sodomy and won’t object to the Navy naming a ship after a sexual deviant any more than anyone else, people might become outraged over the Milk-Jones connection.

In other words, pointing out how close Milk was to mass murderer Jim Jones might gain traction in generating public outrage. Milk and Jones were so close that Jones wrote a letter to President Carter on his behalf.

So remind everyone of what a sexual deviant Milk was. But make sure you also remind them that by naming a ship after him, the U.S. Navy is also idolizing a man who backed a cult leader and mass murderer.

This might not get the Navy to reverse its reported decision. After all, society is steeped in evil. But it’s worth a try.

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