The U.N. Year of Solidarity With the Palestinian Cause

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By a United Nations resolution, 2014 is the “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” an occasion that has been used by the U.N. to organize special activities along with governments and non-governmental organizations to promote the Palestinian cause.

The resolution was passed on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in 2013, a very busy year for the U.N., which adopted a total of 21 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism. In contrast, the rest of the world combined received just 4 of such condemnatory resolutions in 2013. It makes one wonder why Israel has received a very preferential treatment by the U.N.

Strangely, Saudi Arabia, a neighbor of Israel where democracy and respect for basic human rights are unheard-of, has received no U.N. resolution condemning its tyranny and violence against women and minorities, especially Christians.

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are close U.S. allies, but only one them — Israel — has been under permanent U.N. and U.S. pressure to compromise its sovereignty over Muslim and anti-Semitic demands.

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If the issue were just territorial — “Palestinians need a territory and nation” —, the nations forcing Israel to compromise its sovereignty are fully capable of giving Palestinians a territory. The U.S., Brazil and other nations have very large territories and, because they have chosen a stance requiring a minor state — Israel — to relinquish its small land to Palestinian demands, they have the moral obligation to give the example and relinquish a part of their large lands to such Muslim demands.

Israel, which is too small to give lands, is under a cruel pressure by large-land countries in the U.N. Since its creation in 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned Israel in 45 resolutions, more than the rest of the world combined.

Islamic terrorism — Palestinian, Saudi, Iranian, Turkish, etc. — has been a permanent threat to the whole world. Yet, the U.N. resolutions do not have addressed it. The small Jewish nation, which is the only democracy in the Middle East, is treated as if it were the greatest terrorist threat in the world. It is the perfect scapegoat for the massive Muslim terror.

In fact, the Palestinian cause has been aptly used to hit hard the scapegoat.

If anti-Semitism were not present in the U.N., Saudi Arabia would receive much more than 21 yearly resolutions condemning its gross systematic human rights abuses. Other Islamic nations neighboring the Jewish country, habitually facilitating Islamic terror against Israel and other nations, would similarly deserve U.N. condemnations. And if you include the whole Islamic universe with many other nations with similar feelings and actions of hatred and terror against Israel and other nations, no one would wonder if the U.N. had countless resolutions against the massive threat posed by the Islamic ideology. The wonder is: no single U.N. peep about this gigantic threat.

The target is the scapegoat. Israel is to blame. The radical Islamic universe is innocent, even when they, and other anti-Semitic groups, use the Palestinian cause to promote their anti-Semitic hatred.

In the Bible you see David and Goliath, and the ancient Israel’s wars for its survival. In God’s perspective, David is innocent and Goliath is the threat.

In the modern Israel’s wars for its survival, the mounting U.N. negative resolutions against Israel leave no doubt that, in the U.N. perspective, David is the threat and the massive Islamic Goliath is innocent.

The U.N. “Solidarity” Year with the Palestinian cause is solidarity with the modern Goliath and a clear sign that David will suffer more negative U.N. resolutions.

Long ago, when there was no Palestinian “cause,” there was massive, international anti-Jewish hatred, and the infamous Catholic Inquisition is just one of its evidences. Six, five and four hundred years ago, Jews were the “oppressors,” and many Jewish families were slaughtered. In Nazi Germany, again the Jews were the “oppressors.”

With the Palestinian cause, what has changed? After the Palestinian cause, what will change?

In Nazi Germany, there was no solidarity with the Jew victims. Just with the Nazi cause.

Solidarity with the Palestinian cause has moved Western nations, even Christian churches, to opposition to the modern David. For many Western churches, now Israel is an “oppressor.”

By the many U.N. resolutions against Israel, there is a “solidarity” of Islamic and leftist nations against Israel. And definitely there is a U.N. solidarity with these nations.

Only the God of Israel can deliver Israel from the army of Goliaths (from the U.N., the U.S., Brazil and many other nations) that have raised up in these last days.

Israel has always been hated in the spiritual world because it brought Jesus, His Gospel and His Word to the world. Even though the Jews are unable to recognize it, this is the main cause for the incredible hatred against them and the world’s “natural” solidarity with their enemies.

With or without the Inquisition, Israel will be always the “oppressor.” With or without Nazi Germany, Israel will be always the “oppressor.” With or without the Palestinian cause, Israel will be always the “oppressor.”

In this context, the U.N. solidarity with the Palestinian cause is just “natural.”

Now, who can show solidarity to the historically oppressed Jews and their Promised Land?

Only the true, invisible and prophetic Church of Jesus Christ can do it and, by doing it prayerfully, many Jews may be led to know the Messiah and His salvation.

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