U.N. Goal World Domination?

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“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” said Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N. convention on climate change, i.e., man-made global warming.

Did you catch that folks? Christiana, who now aspires to be Secretary General, thinks the U.N. should install global socialism, and will do so, come hell or high water, whether you like it or not eh?!

Question: How many Americans realize the United Nations is conspiring to destroy the United States and Israel? Answer: too few.

This is not some wild-eyed conspiracy theory. To see it we have to understand the context, and the specific policy initiatives by the U.N. in order to perceive the big picture.

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Context: from the Vatican to the EU offices in Brussels, from the White House to the United Nations, consensus opinion runs something like this:

>The carrying capacity of the earth can sustain only 500 million to 1 billion people.

>The rapidly growing human population threatens earth’s existence.

>Technological advancements are accelerating the growth of human population.

>Radical changes are required involving population control via forced abortion, forced sterilization, birth control, and “end of life strategies.”  (ObamaCare death panels, exported globally.)

>The situation is so urgent, it may be necessary to ‘cull the herd,’ that is, eliminate huge numbers of people, rapidly.   (Pandemic anyone?)

>With an overall population of about 7 billion people, that rapid reduction in population could mean the elimination of billions of people. (Unthinkable, but nonetheless considered necessary and feasible by some people.)

As to U.N. population control here is the plan, referencing “Fertility Regulation,” and “Methods of Family Planning.”  These references are buried in a mountain of bureaucratize and are combined with good ideas like improving healthcare, providing economic opportunity, and promoting good stewardship of the earth.  However, neither the U.N. nor the U.S. government are any good delivering in those areas.  Barack Obama’s science Czar says forced abortion and forced sterilization might become necessary, yes, to save the planet, but also to create the kind of earthy utopia cherished by the secular left.

The powers that be in Europe and North America decided a long time ago that a central world government is the only way to deal with so-called exploding populations of people and attending environmental degradation inevitably leading to complete destruction of the earth. Along with chopping the human population down to about 750 million, the propeller heads at the U.N. also believe capitalism must be abolished.  Why? Well, capitalism in their view is evil because it encourages greed, mass production, depleted resources, pollution, global warming and disaster.  So along with population reductions and controls, world socialism must be installed.  These U.N. officials state it plainly, here, and hereBarack Obama and the entire Democrat cabal are completely on board!

This leads to Agenda 21. If you are going to centrally manage birth rates and the global economy, you’d better have a plan for regulating land use, water rights, agriculture, mineral extraction, wildlife, and all resource-related issues.  Hence, Agenda 21!  Basically, it’s a plan to take over the world, even though it’s being sold by the U.N. and secular leftists everywhere as non-binding, and benevolent and well-intentioned of course. But you see, the only way for this to work is to insist on compliance, and one way to goad your cooperation is to outlaw private property.   Speaking of property, the U.S. supplies the U.N. with about 20% of its overall annual budget, and the U.N. says thanks by proposing to tax Americans, in violation of our Constitution, another attack on our sovereignty.

U.N. officials and operatives and the rest of the dictators behind this little scheme aren’t exactly stupid. They’ve been thinking this over for fifty years at least.  They realize roughly forty percent of the American population isn’t going to surrender and submit quietly.  No, our faith and our fearlessness are inconvenient impediments to these grand designs.  Free born Americans aren’t herded so easily.  So the U.N. and their pals have a concerted plan to deal with our faith and our fearlessness to: one, destroy Christianity, and two, destroy our God-given rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms.

Here we learn of U.N. plans to force registration, always the precursor to gun confiscation.   Here, moves afoot to destroy Americans’ free speech and freedom of religion rights are still alive but facing mounting opposition.  Other attacks on American sovereignty are launched from within. Obama is doing his part!  He is working to bring one million Muslim immigrants to America, among them, perhaps 50,000 terrorists?  He has brought 680,000 Muslim immigrants in the last five years.  When we are overwhelmed, thanks to Obama’s destruction of our military, we can rely on the Blue Helmets provided by the U.N., a reputable force for peace of course!

And get this! Did you know the U.N., working cooperatively with the U.S. and Canada, is well on its way to destroying the state of Idaho? Headline: The Columbia River Treaty could mean the death of Idaho

You know there must be 1,000 other U.N. initiatives worldwide designed to centralize power, probably in Brussels, to ‘save the world.’ It should not surprise us there was such outrage over Great Britain’s decision to leave the EU. That move runs contrary to the U.N./Obama plan to centralize power, and it could spell the beginning of the counter revolution.

The reason the U.N. and other powers on board with this globalism agenda wish to see the end of America and Israel is our cultures encourage and defend the exact opposite points of view. We therefore present a roadblock to U.N. ambitions.  We are for individual liberty, and obviously the U.N. opposes that, as it does our preferences for free enterprise, free markets, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and freedom to make our own life decisions concerning family and occupation.

Resistance intensifies, especially as more people realize the theory of man-made global warming is filled with holes, earth’s resources are not being depleted, we are addressing sustainability, environmental degradation has been halted in many places and reversed elsewhere, and human beings are not the enemy, even if numbered 10 billion throughout the world. Substantiation here, here and here.

The ultimate question therefore: will freedom lovers resist and disappoint the ambitions of the U.N. to enslave the entire world, or will world enslavement become the new norm? Should the U.N. try forcing the issue with masses of blue helmets, in America anyway, that blue will run red in short order, so long as we have guns for self-defense.   We give the U.N. about $3B per year.  How many realize we are subsidizing our own executioner?

Too few.

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