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In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again addressed the on-going controversy over transvestites and transsexuals invading America’s women’s and girls’ restrooms.  On this occasion, Mr. Trump responded to Obama’s illegitimate “directive” that public schools must allow transvestites and transsexuals into girls’ and women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.  Referring to the senseless edict, Donald Trump said, “everybody has to be protected,” speaking of transgender students, he admitted, “you’re talking about a tiny, tiny group of the population.  With that being said, everybody has to be protected.  I would leave it up to the states.”  His statement illustrates that he still doesn’t understand the problem or why the Democrat approach is such a menacing threat.

The trouble with Trump’s statement is that it’s wrong on two fronts.  First, everyone cannot be protected, and second, it’s wrong and even futile, to use public policy to ensure that they are.  The unchallenged assumption is that sexual deviants cannot be protected, or made to feel comfortable in our society, without jeopardizing the security of girls and women.  Attempting to protect people from the consequences of their own destructive behavior is not a legitimate role of any government and will never succeed.

Unless taxpayers are willing to embark upon a national building campaign to accommodate the gender-confused, and unless businesses are going to be forced to provide separate facilities for transsexuals, transvestites and other reprobates, everyone cannot be protected.  We cannot protect women and girls and still allow the sexually-confused to have access to them.  But the horrible and intolerable injustice of the sole Democrat proposal is that innocent women and girls must be put at risk solely for the comfort and convenience of sexual misfits.  That’s as wrong as wrong can be.

Underlying this debate is a fallacy that America has struggled with for decades.  Some still believe that we can and should protect people from the consequences of their own bad decisions.  For better than fifty years we have wasted trillions of tax dollars and immeasurable human effort in this futile endeavor.  The implications of this wrong-headed idea cannot be overstated.  In America, we have perpetrated horrible crimes in efforts to protect people from the consequences of their actions, even when those consequences are well known by all.

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This singular false idea, misrepresented as compassion, is responsible for the killing of 60 million American people in abortion mills; America’s Holocaust.  We fork-out billions of dollars building new prisons with cable television and internet service, libraries and exercise equipment in order to make criminals’ lives easier, and we wonder why correctional centers don’t correct criminal behavior.  We spend billions of dollars more, researching new treatments for HIV/AIDS and have even corrupted the FDA’s clinical trial requirements in order to fast-track AIDS drugs so that adequate testing of all medicines is now impossible.  Instead, we allow final clinical trials to be performed on the unaware and innocent public.

Criminals do not need to be protected, nor should they be.  They need to be stopped.  People who engage in gross sin cannot be protected from the consequences of their wickedness, nor should we attempt to rescue them.  Young people who engage in reckless sexual promiscuity cannot be protected from pregnancy, STDs or heartbreak, nor should we try to save them.  As difficult as it may be to watch, the pain and misery that are the certain costs of our base actions are the very motivators that teach us to make better choices in the future.

Homosexuals cannot be protected from AIDS, STDs or death.  Transvestites cannot be protected from the scorn of those who are rightly and naturally repulsed by them.  But the inexplicable ignorance and sheer and utter lunacy, is to impose the risk of injury and death upon innocent women and girls in order to attempt to protect sexual malcontents from their own stupidity and moral depravity.  Sin has severe consequences for good reason¾to illustrate to our feeble minds the high cost of violating moral law.

We’ve been told repeatedly by the Left that compassion demands that we attempt to save people from guilt and shame of their own decisions, but it’s a counterfeit compassion that causes massive destruction.  Every simpleton knows that bad choices often have painful results, and every new parent quickly learns that children cannot be protected from every freely-chosen act.  But when it comes to sexuality in the culture, we are told that the outcomes must be altered.

Crime has consequences in order to demonstrate what happens to people who give license to craven desires and lusts.  Likewise, gross sin has consequences that no law or public policy can protect us from.  LBJ’s Great Society, the War on Poverty and the expansion of the welfare system have decimated American families, especially the black family.  The resulting explosion in tax rates has made two-working-parent households a necessity rather than a choice, with no change in the poverty rate.  It’s a clear and simple social equation, that rewarding promiscuity begets more promiscuity.  Government funding of abortion multiplies the number of abortions.  Making prisons comfortable reduces their deterrent effect.

Does that mean that we shouldn’t have mercy on those who struggle with these things?  Certainly not.  But the dispensation of mercy and compassion are best administered at a personal level by individuals who can provide them effectively, not at the public policy level where they cannot.

One of the unpleasant side-effects of having freedom is that some among us will always abuse their liberty to their own injury.  That cannot be avoided.  There will always be some homelessness, some poverty, some drunkenness, and some personal destruction.  Those who want help will find it, and we should be ready to offer help to those who do, without trying to impose it on those who do not.

Any attempt by societies and governments to insulate people from the devastating effects of their own freely-made sinful decisions will always fail.  Guilt, shame, rejection and heartache are some of the most powerful and effective motivators for behavioral change in humans.  Efforts to eradicating those motivators does not help, it harms.

The most evil effort that we can undertake as a people is to strive to protect the sinner, the drunk, the homosexual, the lesbian or the transvestite from the God-installed mechanisms of shame and guilt by intimidating the righteous into silence.  That’s not compassion but rather, callous disinterest, and that, the most enduring form of hatred.

Political candidates have very few opportunities to say what is good, right and true and gain popular support for doing so.  This issue is one of those rare gems.  Donald Trump has built his campaign by saying what is right despite malicious objections from the immoral Left.  Therefore, his advisors would be eminently foolish to allow their client to let this opportunity slip through his hands.  Strike two!

There is no more magnificent a hypocrite than the Liberal.  He advances immorality and claims a moral imperative for so doing.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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