Would You Trust this Virginia Man with Your Health Care?

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Where are all the transgender activists in Virginia? They are being pretty quiet about a huge victory they could claim.

It seems that the health commissioner of the state of Virginia is a guy now preferring to be known as a female. Dr. Marissa Levine was in a former life, Dr. Mark Levine. And because I prefer to deal with reality, that’s what we will call him here.

Virginia Mass Resistance head Linda Wall is one of the few folks talking about this stunning development. Mark Levine was appointed interim health commissioner last February by Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat. It’s too bad Levine now seems to be a permanent fixture in this slot, because already he is operating like a committed liberal and trying to undo regulations on abortion clinics so those that haven’t complied won’t close.

In fact, Levine is turning out to be the water-carrier for the extreme pro-abortion policies of Terry McAuliffe. Pro-life supporters in Virginia are livid.

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While Dr. Levine does on paper have an extensive background in public health, this recent decision he’s made to pretend to be a woman overshadows everything else in his life. He was a male in the public eye as recently  as 2006, when quoted in the Washington Post as a family practitioner who treated “transgender” people. His own personal struggle was not revealed in this typically biased WaPo article.

“Physician, heal thyself” has never been more applicable.

It’s not my intention to pick on Levine personally. His identity crisis should prompt our sincere compassion. However, he’s not just Joe Transvestite on the street but holds an influential position, and his own prejudices and personal self-deception could potentially impact millions of people.

The confusion of the person who can’t accept his or her own biological sex is enough to disqualify such a person in the minds of many from a position of authority, particularly in the field of public health. A clear mind and sound judgment in the age of Ebola has never been more critical.

What’s really ironic is that Levine studied at Johns Hopkins University, the same institution where Dr. Paul McHugh was psychiatrist- in -chief for many years, and where sex change surgery was pioneered in the U.S. Johns Hopkins eventually stopped performing these procedures because the patients were seldom better off afterward.

Dr. Paul McHugh wrote that he now sees the condition quite differently, even boldly stating in a recent Wall Street Journal article that transgenderism is not a right but a mental disorder that needs understanding, treatment and prevention. He also said that sex change is a biological impossibility and that recent studies with long-term follow-up of sex change patients showed disturbingly high levels of mortality through suicide as they aged.

The decisions of Levine as a highly- positioned professional, a man-posing-as-a-woman, could have an impact on the health care of millions as he takes charge during any encounters with infectious diseases like Ebola.

After all, Dulles International Airport is where Thomas Eric Duncan arrived on U.S. soil, already ill with Ebola. Dulles is one of the five U.S. airports designated for enhanced screening procedures because visitors from West Africa regularly arrive there. Dulles is in the state of Virginia and would be under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Health.

No political correctness should be applied when managing the possible spread of such a virus, but what will Levine do if it shows up in Virginia? Already expert at heavily massaging the truth, this man’s leadership under pressure would be severely tested.

And then, there’s another epidemic under the authority of this man-who-wants-to-be-a-woman: HIV/AIDS in Virginia. Now, how objective do we think he’s going to be about that? Male transvestites are among the most at-risk groups for HIV.

So let’s review: the top doctor in the state of Virginia, a position presumably dependent on a clear grasp of provable science and objective facts, denies his own physical, anatomical reality as a male, instead pretending to be a female. Again, his personal issues become everyone’s issue because in his high-level position, it’s no longer about him. He’s a public servant and because of the decision he’s made and all it signals, he is an inappropriate choice for such a position.

This kind of government chicanery is where the real war on women exists. Not only is Dr. Mark Levine pretending to be what those of us who are real women are, he is now going to make it easier for real women to abort their children? This is all too radical for words.

While we pray for this truly confused man, let’s pray that Virginia wises up and appoints a clear-minded person to its highest health post.

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