Trump’s VP Pick Mike Pence Headlines RNC, Hopes to Unite Party

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All eyes on are on Indiana Governor Mike Pence with his first big speech at the Republican National Convention after being tapped as GOP Nominee Donald Trump’s Vice-presidential running mate.

Pence is expected to speak last at the convention following several other speakers including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – all of whom ran for the Republican presidential nomination in the primaries against Trump. Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and Trump’s son Eric are also on the agenda.

However, one question is whether those who were former candidates will endorse Trump as the nominee as they promised on debate stages. Each candidate was asked more than once during a multitude of debates if they would unite behind whoever won the nomination.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke by video and didn’t formally endorse Trump. Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke on the stage also promoting the Republican party, American values and freedoms but did not endorse Trump in so many words.

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Mike Pence actually endorsed Senator Ted Cruz months back during the election.

Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin, spoke earlier with Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren, and supported the Trump nomination whole heartedly.

After initially endorsing Ted Cruz, Walker said he took the pledge to support the candidate that would be elected, resulting in his endorsement of Trump.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has also made his feelings clear on endorsing Trump, urging other Republican leaders to get on board.

Gingrich showed his disgust for former Republican candidate Mitt Romney, back in March, after he refused to support Trump.

Gingrich called Romney’s efforts to debunk Trump ‘pathetic’ and he has been seen to heavily support Trump, reported by The Daily Caller.

Since Mike Pence’s Vice President announcement he has praised Donald Trump, even comparing him to Ronald Reagan.

“I have a sense of this man. I have a sense of his heart. I have a sense of his hands-on style of leadership, and for all the world, he reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan achieved great things in his life and his career, a movie star, a celebrity, governor of the great state of California, but he never lost the common touch, did he?”

Trump’s right hand man, Mike Pence will take center stage stage and make his case for the Vice Presidential position.

Tonight marks the third evening at the Republican National Convention, along with a third theme: Make America First Again.

Report via CBN News

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