Trump’s Top Achievements for 2018

The moment that Donald Trump was announced as defeating Hillary Clinton, Democrats vowed to do everything they could to block everything that Trump promised to accomplish.

Note that they didn’t care how good of a program or policy was, all Democrats cared about was blocking Trump, proving that they have no business being in Congress.

Thankfully, Republicans held control of both the Senate and House for the first 2 years of Trump’s term.

Sadly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acted like a spoiled and pouting kid in blocking some of Trump’s policies.

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However, despite the anti-Trump efforts of Democrats and RINOs, Trump did manage to accomplish some victories as listed below.

Liberty Nation – Trump’s Top 10 Achievements For 2018 – While the leftist media has spent much of 2018 hammering the president every which way but loose, this seems an opportune time to take a brief and admittedly subjective look back at President Trump’s achievements in 2018. This list is by no means final, and as such Liberty Nation invites you to add your thoughts about the administration’s performance this year in our comments section below.

The Courts

Without a doubt, nominating and sticking by Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court tops our list. Of course, the jury is still out regarding the new associate justice’s adherence to the Constitution as written, and whether he will be a more reliable conservative than retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. As it was a battle royale to confirm Kavanaugh, one can only hope it was worth the effort.

Foreign Policy

While taking a tougher stance on North Korea, Trump managed to poke the bear without provoking him. The year began with a good deal of saber-rattling by Kim Jong Un, but on June 12, 2018, both leaders pledged to work together to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. As well, the administration negotiated the release of three American prisoners held by the NK government. There continues to be tension between the two countries – including another round of sanctions imposed on North Korea by Trump – but things are nowhere near as messy as they were when the president took office…

The next 2 years promise to be much tougher than this past year due to Democrats taking control of the House.

Hopefully, the American people will see the true side of Democrats as they act like spoiled and offended little kids, determined not to let Trump do anything good for the nation, just because they don’t like him.

If they do, then the American people should return control of the House to Republicans in 2020.



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